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Top 10 SQL Recovery Softwares


Best SQL Recovery Softwares: Most organizations use an SQL server to manage the vast data they have. The SQL facilitates the storage of information in the form of records and allows the user to search for the data which they want to retrieve. Some situations like a virus attack, system shutdown or corruption of the OS might make the data inaccessible.  In case you face any such issue, the SQL database recovery software offers you the option of recovering and restoring the damaged files. A number of such software’s are available for your use. Here is a list of top ten SQL recovery tools.

  • Sys Tools SQL Recovery

Sys Tools SQL Recovery is by far the best recovery tool for retrieving all the data that was present in your damaged or corrupt database files. The original properties of your SQL database remain untouched during this process. The Sys Tools is useful for the recovery of stored procedure, tables, functions, rules, triggers, the primary and secondary data, and all the other parts of the SQL database.  The tool has two scanning options and many other useful features.

  • QuickData SQL Recovery

The software offers a quick and advanced mode of scanning the data. It helps you to restore the deleted parts of the files besides facilitating the recovery of the batch database files and folders. The software also helps in the restoration of the MDF and NDF database. Restoration of data in the SQL database or on compatible SQL scripts, in the original format, is another function of the software.

  • ApexSQL Recover

The ApexSQL recovers all the dropped, truncated and deleted data, besides restoring the BLOB data in the form of files. The unique feature of this software is that you can recover data from the backups without having to restore them. You can now quickly retrieve the Database files corrupted by some virus or the detached MDF files. Get this software to recover any data that you may truncate by mistake.

  • Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server

The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows. It can repair your damaged database in a jiffy and takes lesser time to recover the SQL files. In case you have any issues with the software, the firm offers technical support to resolve your problem.  You can also seek help through email.

  • DataNumen SQL Recovery

No tool can recover data better than the DataNumen Recovery tool.  If you are a businessman or a professional, who needs to store an enormous amount of data, for yourself or your clients, it is prudent to keep this software handy with you.

  • Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery

The Stellar Recovery never fails to recover your valuable SQL database. So you do not mind paying a little higher for it. The program uses the top-notch repair algorithm for the preservation of database integrity. Besides the essential functions, this software recovers deleted records from the SQL Server database.  Post recovery saving of files in SQL, XLS, HTML and CSV formats are the new features that you will find in this software.

  • Kernel for SQL Recovery

You can get a preview of all recoverable data when you use the Kernel SQL Recovery tool.  The interactive platform of this software allows even the non-technical persons to operate this software. The tool creates a backup of all the data in a script form and recovers all the files in no time. The software is compatible with all the versions of SQL.

  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server

You will never regret using the Veeam software for retrieving your SQL server database. This easy to use tool has all the basic features needed for the recovery of MS SQL.  It is just appropriate for retrieval and restoration of a small business database.

  • Quick Recovery for SQL Server

You can recover any lost, corrupt or inaccessible  SQL database file, and acquire all the data with the help of Quick Recovery software. The software uses the Guided File Excavation Technology to retrieve your SQL files. It also gives you the option of importing all or a selected number of records.

  • RecoveryFIX for SQL Database

The RecoveryFIX software is an advanced tool equipped to recover all the parts of the MDF files. It restores the tables, triggers,  user functions as well as the records and rules that are available in your SQL database.

Get SQL Recovery Tools In Advance

To ensure the quick and efficient recovery of your database, you need to use SQL recovery software. Assessing the features on offer in the software,  before buying one is the right approach. This way you can save your data from the negative impact of losing your data forever.




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