Some Dangerous Food That Can Decrease Male Fertility


Infertility in men is rising at a shocking rate. Medical reasons aside, actually some foods can harm a man’s fertility. We list down some of the diets that men should resist to enhance their sperm integrity. The incidence of infertility is rising at a disturbing ratio, mainly in men. Weak habits like drinking and smoking are to be condemned but little do people know that diet can also be criticized here. Yes, men, if you believe that your food has nothing to do with your fertility, you are false. Your food can develop damage in your lovemaking life and your dream of becoming a father someday. We have assembled a list of some diets which can damage male fertility to a big extent. Have a look.

List of some foods that decrease male fertility

  1. Full-fat dairy products

Full-fat dairy such as milk and cheese can damage sperm motility. Drinking full-fat milk every day can be the explanation for why you have an insufficient sperm score. Only two servings of full-fat dairy in men could do this havoc.

  1. Sugary drinks
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If you like sugary beverages like sodas, energy drinks and carbonated drinks, you must look over this one. A survey indicates that improved consumption of sugary and carbonated sips, more than one assisting a day, is related to reduced sperm motility. Too much sugar can improve insulin difference causing oxidative pressure. As an outcome, sperm motility goes low.

  1. High-fat junk foods

Many junk foods, high in oils and sugar, are dangerous to your digestive system, heart and fertility. Consuming such foods restricts the development of your sperm. These also comprise illegal drugs and steroids. So to have a powerful outer structure, you end up harming your fertility.

  1. Alcohol 

Liquor consumption, even in reasonable quantities can considerably affect your sex drive. On the other hand, huge and constant drinking can wreak harm to your testosterone levels and shorten your sperm count and level of your fertility. 

  1. Soy Products

Soy products contain phytoestrogens, estrogen-like mixtures that come from cereals. A research of 99 men from fertility infirmaries in Boston inferred that unnecessary soy intake might reduce sperm concentration. 

  1. Processed Meat 
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Organic meat is fine, but the refined variation is not something that we would suggest. This is because consuming filtered meats can risk your sperm quality. Refining meat in hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, salami and bologna can reduce your sperm record by 23% as distinguished from those who eat small quantities. Processed meats are toxic because they have hormonal sediments which can potentially damage the reproductive system.

  1. Non-organic food 

Be away from non-organic diets as much as you can. Non-organic diets are bolted with high levels of pesticides and hormones which can destroy your sperm. This comprises uncleansed meats, apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers and nectarines. This nutrition is greatly involved by pesticides and hormones. If you can’t give up on them, make sure to clean them well before consuming them.