Soak in the Beauty of Night with these 7 Night Vision Glasses 


No day is like the one before, and we often dread the uncertainty of it, but most of the time we can thrive off spontaneity if we decide to change things up a little bit. Most days we find ourselves grappling with ideas as to what to do for the next party or get-together. Weekends are packed back-to-back with social engagements which can often become predictable. The occasional brunches and lunches are pleasant but every now and then a plan to soak in the magic of nightlife can serve to liven things up. 

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Every cosmopolitan city boasts of a nightlife, where restaurants, clubs and dessert parlours are open past midnight for the ones exploring the city. To drive around under the night sky with friends for dinners and concerts is a memorable experience, one that should not come at the expense of you struggling with your eyesight. Sometimes driving around at night can be difficult, due to high beam headlights and more. But you can stay comfortable throughout the night if you invest in a great pair of night vision glasses. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys soaking in the beauty of the night, here are some night vision glasses you can buy to stay safe and comfortable. 

Grunge in Grey 

Nights are meant to be memorable, and your look can be the same if you pair them with these square-rimmed grey night vision glasses. These glasses have a stand-out, grunge feel to their aesthetic, they are perfect for the nights where experiences have the spirit of adventure woven into them. These night vision glasses can be worn through normal activities like driving, to protect the eyes from the glares of high beams owing to the large lenses on them.  

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Tinted Timeless Wayfarers 

Wayfarers embody the thrill of travel and novelty, and this pair of black square-rimmed night vision glasses are the perfect companion for wearers who embrace the thrill of exploring through the beauty of the night. The tinted glasses mean that the lenses are equipped with an anti-glare filter which can hold harmful reflective glares at bay when you drive at night and are constantly moving in and out of dark and light spaces. 

Trendy and Transparent 

This pair of transparent glasses can double up as day night glasses due to their versatility and vibrant aesthetic. These glasses can go well with all kinds of ensembles right before you head out for the night. The lenses are gradients, which give them a touch of eccentricity and chic individuality to your look as you put them on. The transparent look has been a steady trend for the last few years, and this design in squares is a culmination of the best innovative designs and new protection qualities. 

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Aviators of the Night 

Aviators are one of the most reliable and recognisable day-time companions of the average eyewear aficionado due to their simplicity and timelessness. This design in blue is even better suited for the night and for those who love to stay sharp and chic even when it is dark outside. Protecting the eyes while driving through endless glares of oncoming traffic can be cumbersome, which is why the large protective lenses on these night vision glasses are perfect for the ones looking for new experiences.  

Night Navigators 

Double browlines are a characteristic of the suave, stylish, vintage-inspired wearers. These glasses much like the Aviators boast of a noticeably unique style of browline. The design of Navigators is also just as stylish as the iconic Aviators, even if they share some aesthetic qualities. The most important difference in both is the type of lens, where in these ray ban night vision glasses the lenses resemble tapered squares which can be optimal for eye protection across the seasons. 

All-night Wraparounds 

Urban trends may be dynamic and fleeting, but wraparounds have made their returns to the public consciousness after a couple of decades ushering in a new era of fashion. These glasses also double as day night sunglasses, where at night the tint helps keep the eyes protected, they are especially susceptible to developing eye strain through hours of shifting focal fields and lights at night. These glasses are sporty and versatile and can be worn with every kind of ensemble. 

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Nights in Clubmasters 

The name of these iconic pair of day night sunglasses is perfectly suited to the wearers who would like to have these double as night vision glasses through all their adventures at night. The design of these glasses is one that fits every fancy dinner, and every night spent dancing under the lights of a nightclub. These glasses boast a sense of freedom and unbreakable individuality, as it has remained fashionable through decades of emerging styles and trends. Clubmasters in their very orientation, make excellent night vision glasses. 

The most important thing to remember when driving around at night is that your eyes are just as susceptible to damage at night as they are during the day. Any excess of light can lead to rapid deterioration of one’s visual acuity, and in the daytime, we are at risk of the same through UV radiation and reflections, but at night we are also combating high beams, light glares, and constant shifts in brightness levels. Therefore, investing in night vision glasses can go a long way. If you are looking to find your perfect pair of night vision glasses, brands like Titan Eyeplus offer a wide selection for you to choose from at the best prices.