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Sneezing Facts: Your sneeze travels at 100 miles per hour you know?


The most precious creation on this earth is Human. It is indeed the most costly machine too. Just like nature the human body has many wonders embedded in it. How good you know about human body? Do you know that we start off life with 350 bones and end up with 206 bones? Where do the remaining bones go? Do you know that brain is more active during nights than in the mornings? Know more such astonishing and amazing facts of human body.

Human Sneeze travels at 100 miles per hour

Human sneeze comes out with a speed of 100 miles per hour which is faster than a sedan car. So ever thought why you close your eyes while sneezing? Because your eyes might pop out due to the speed of sneeze. You just release more than 1 crore bacteria in which most of them are potentially harmful into the atmosphere for one sneeze. Seriously? We didn’t know we are built in atom bombs.


Blood vessels length up to 62,000 miles – earth circumference is just 25,000 miles

When laid end to end the blood vessels in the body lengths 62K miles so you can actually round the earth twice with the blood vessels. OMG!! Just to add more surprise to your astonishment the heart pumps more than 2000 gallons of blood everyday through this blood vessels. Just imagine the pride of engineers who lay pipelines between countries, they think that is the wonder but this is the real wonder.

New stomach lining every 3-4 days – What? Does our stomach peels like snake skin?
So you know that stomach produces acids and enzymes to break up vitamins and proteins from the food. Ever wonder why isn’t our stomach muscles which are one of the most sensitive muscles in the body aren’t effected? Because the muscles are protected by a small lining which acts like a barrier. So doesn’t this lining get affected? A healthy human being’s stomach lining will be formed newly for every 3-4 days peeling of the old one. Jeez, we thought only snakes would peel off their skins.

If you think only animals shed you are mistaken, humans shed 1.5 pounds every year. OMG!!
You might complain that the pet you are domesticating is shedding a lot, thanks that they don’t have mouth to complain on you because a healthy human being sheds around 600,000 particles every hour which weighs approximately 1.5 pounds an year. So by age of 70 a human actually sheds 105 pounds. Who said you are not losing weight? This is it.

You know if you save your spit/Saliva for lifetime you can fill two swimming pools with it.
Why one would save their spit but if you do without swallowing or spitting and if you do this for 75 years you could fill up two big swimming pools as you produce 26000 liters of saliva. The saliva generation is very huge in the childhood and elderly stage. So happy spitting!!

Some quick facts – 

  • Do you know that your nose can recognize 50,000 different smells? However you need to keep yourself healthy.
  • The most number of sweat glands and pores are present in the feet area and they produce more than 1 pint of sweat daily.
  • You technically produce pressure inside body with muscles which is sufficient to kick a football when you urinate.
  • You can go without food for weeks but without sleep you could only survive for 9 days post that you would go to sleep forever.
  • Every square inch of human body has more than 32 million bacteria which are fortunately harmless. Woof, thanks!!

So these are some interesting facts but still doctors believe that our body might surprise us when we deeply investigate ourselves.



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