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Signs A Guy Shows When He Is Into The Woman With Him


Women always want to know whether the Kai they are dating is into them or not. So they end up doing a lot of overthinking and ridiculous calculations to find out if their partner is into them or not. And at the time set message up everything between two people. So is there any other way through which women can find out what their partner thinks about them? Yes! Here is a list of the signs a guy shows when he is into the woman with him.

Future Talks:

If a guy is seriously into you, he will want to have a future with you. And even if he is not very open about it, he is already thinking about you two getting old together in his mind. He will raise the topic very subtly at different times, just to know your opinion. But yes, he will daydream about your future together always.


Ladies, if a guy is making sacrifices for you, he is the one. It might be something as small as not going for a game night with his buddies but it is an important sign. These little sacrifices are the sign you need. It doesn’t have to be something big. What’s more, he will never tell you about it openly. You will have to watch out for it.

Family Time:

If he wants to know about your family and close friends then he wants to know all about you. Why would anyone spend so much time to get to know someone unless he is into you? He will try to fit himself within your inner circle. He wants you to see as your family. And he will cautiously introduce you to his family too.


Guys hate being vulnerable. But it’s not that they do not have an emotional side or a weakness. Usually, they hide. And do hide well. however if a guy is really into you he trusts you and he will open up to you about his bad memories, his weakness, his emotions. In short, he doesn’t mind being vulnerable in front of you.

Homemade Gifts:

He may not be a brilliant sketcher but he will sketch for you. He may not be a good chef but he will try to make his best for you. These little things are more than enough science that shows that he is totally into you, girl.

Me to We:

This is very easy to spot. If he is into you, he will make sure he has claimed you as his own. So everything will be ‘We’. He will be happy when other people address you as one entity. Though he may not show it, his insides will be blushing. He will try to pair your names together. Yes, guys do these silly things. They just don’t tell.

Trips Together:

Little getaways are important for guys after a tedious week. If he convinces you to come along on his trip then it means he wants to spend his free time with you. That means he is relaxed around you and does not think of it as a big task, but something that he is comfortable with.

So, these are some obvious signs a guy shows when he is into the woman with him.



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