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Shocking Eating Habits Of These Celebrities Will Leave You Stunned!


There are some among us, who just live to eat. Many of us choose to work hard so that we can manage to get a great meal thrice a day, at least me! If it seems like too much then at least twice a day, who will have breakfast anyway these days? Our eating habit includes all kinds of food, and when it comes to junk food, we all are true lovers of it!

In any case, as you cross limits and meet new people you will see there’s still a great deal you have to think about food and eating habits of people on the planet. Here is a rundown of some popular celebs who have weird eating habits that will astonish you without a doubt.

Back in 2011, Mark Zuckerberg used to eat only those animals that he killed

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook had made a vow in 2011 that he would eat just animals which he chased. He used to slaughter pigs, goats, and chickens amid that year. Be that as it may, he quit chasing animals a year later.

Shah Rukh Khan loves to eat Flight food

Bollywood’s own King Khan SRK loves to eat the sustenance accessible amid the flight to such an extent that he even waits and anticipates it. Additionally, there’s a weird fact about SRK that he doesn’t like Ice-Cream.

Warren Buffett loves to eat Ice-cream in Breakfast daily

The World is weird. On one side, SRK doesn’t care for Ice-cream and on the opposite side, we’ve Warren Buffet who can’t help himself from savoring over it and needs Ice-cream every day amid breakfast. He likewise has his food racks filled with Oreos and Velveeta Cheese. He cherishes swallowing coke and drinks six a day.

Beyonce, Water With Pepper or Syrup

Horrific it might sound to you, however, it’s valid. Beyonce tested herself for this eating routine to assume a role in film ‘Dreamgirls’. She used to drink glasses of water with pepper and syrup for two weeks and that’s it. Will you do that even for one day?

Renee Zellweger lived on Ice Cubes to get slim fast

Renee Zellweger increased weight to legitimize her role in film Bridget Jones’ Diary. In the wake of finishing the film, she needed to diminish the weight fast so Renee began living on ice cubes. Obviously, it’s not healthy by any means.

Karl Lagerfeld have steamed apples for breakfast and skips lunch

Karl Lagerfeld – The director of Chanel survive with liquids only. He takes steamed apples for breakfast, maintains a strategic distance from lunch and continues drinking diet coke for the duration of the day.

Henry Ford used to have roadside weeds along with sandwich

The founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford used to take the roadside weed and eat alongside sandwich and soup. He used to have a feeling that his body is a machine and he needs a natural fuel for it.

Steve Jobs used to eat only carrots and hence his skin color turned orange

The founder of Apple used to have just carrots in his diet. As indicated by biographer Walter Isaacson, Jobs had such a variety of carrots that his skin turned orange.

Nicolas Cage eats specific seafood & poultry

Nicolas Cage turns out to be truly weird to the extent where his eating habits are concerned. According to Look Damn Good, Seafood and poultry are the main meats that Cage eats, and he says this is on account of they mate dignifiedly. Clearly, beef and pigs don’t have love fancily enough to entice Cage’s sense of taste. There are even just certain sorts of fish that Cage will eat, yet we’re not precisely beyond any doubt how they do the dirty.

Novak Djokovic was noticed eating grass after his Wimbledon win

Djokovic, who eats just gluten-free nourishment, was once noticed eating grass after his 2011 Wimbledon win. He was likewise spotted eating the grass of the yard on focus court. In Punjabi, there is a funny saying, “Banda ban Ghaa Kha”. It means Be Human, Eat Grass”. Novak Djokovic appears to have considered that saying seriously.

Apart from these weird habits, I can say I have a weird habit of sleeping all day and night on my centuary mattresses! Well, I guess most of us do that. LOL…



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