Salman Khan Raped Woman Comment Controversy: Horrible And Extremely Insensitive, Says Kangana Ranaut


The recent comment of Salman Khan in which he has stated that the stunts for his upcoming film Sultan have left him like a raped woman has created a stir of controversies across the country. Although Papa Salim Khan has apologized to the nation for the comments of his youngest son, the reactions from different quarters cannot be ignored as well. As a matter of fact, women organizations have shown their anger towards the actor although Kangana Ranaut has voiced her opinion in a different manner. She has said that the comment of the actor is not good but it is not targeted towards an individual. Thus, the controversy is not desirable at this point when the actor has put his best efforts for the film. The comment of Salman Khan might just be an end for his frustration due to overwork.

Controversies of Salman

Salman Khan has created such controversies in the past when his car killed the people in the footpath for which he has been pulled to the court. However, he has managed to come out of the court by paying a hefty amount to the court. According to reports the actor is known to have paid a heavy amount as compensation to the street dwellers although it is not exactly known whether he has disclosed this fact to the court or not.

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Demeaning a woman

In a country like India in which women are reportedly taken for granted and there are endless incidents about which people read in the newspapers every day. Many people are of the opinion that the comment of Salman Khan has added another feather to his cap during a crucial time in his career and this can affect his forthcoming release to a great extent. However, it is hard to predict as the actor has been in news for wrongful actions several times in the past.

Affecting the fan following

Will this incident affect the fan following of Salman in any way? It is difficult to find out the truth as the actor has continued to remain popular over the years and has been selected for an anchor in Big Boss, a famous reality show on the television and much of the TRP of this show is due to the presence of this actor. The popularity of Salman Khan has remained intact from the time of his first release and the actor has contributed a lot to the society and these activities have helped camouflage hot wrongful actions to a certain extent. According to his close aides, Salman Khan’s comment cannot be taken seriously and this will not affect his status as a celebrity.

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According to some people, the comment of Salman has come as a disgrace to the society but the actors have not commented towards an individual rather it was meant to express his thoughts about the trouble that he has taken to during the shooting of this film.

Is Bollywood heading towards a pool of controversies and what can we expect in future? The actor has been termed as insensitive as he made this comment in which he has compared himself to a raped woman. Instead of making such controversial comments, the actor could have naïve in his approach and used a better expression to reveal his state of mind. It is hard to say whether this controversy will stay for some more time and people will drag him towards complications. It goes beyond saying that Salman will continue to enjoy his popularity despite the fact that he has commented on the status of women. Some people might just become too curious and express their thoughts about Salman Khan as a rapist himself although much of it is fluff.

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Society and media

The media loves to get into the center stage of such actionable comments that can create endless opportunities for them to outbid the competitors. Now the question is who gains from this comments and the answer is obvious that Salman Khan will remain in the memory of the people for long. In addition to this, it has become quite clear that Sultan will be one of those films that will continue to remain in the minds of people for a long time. Whether an individual can gain from such comments is yet to be understood but the society will remember Salman Khan for years to come.