The Maharaja who used British cars to Sweep Indian Roads.


Indian Maharajas are known for their Super rich  and luxurious lifestyles. Here’s a tale of the Indian King who used 6 British cars to transport his city’s garbage which was a huge blow to the British top car manufacturer. This incident happened in 1920 as part of the Maharaja’s revenge, when he was humiliated by the salesman. Ok now, let me reveal the story.


In 1920, Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar visited London for his vacation. Generally, Kings travel by many people escorted around them. But our Gentle Maharaja was strolling across the streets alone without his royal attire. He was in his simple attire just like a normal Indian.

As he was passing by Bond street,  He noticed a Rolls Royce showroom and walked into inquiry about the car he was looking for. The poor salesman has no idea, whom he was talking to and humiliated  Maharaja Jai Singh badly. He also ignored his request for the test drive and not even allowed him to touch the cars.

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Totally depressed by the behavior of the British man. Maharaja after return to his hotel ordered his staff to buy all the cars from that showroom  and send them immediately  to India. The Maharaja bought all the cars and paid even the delivery costs at once.

Now the actual story begins, When the cars arrived in Alwar (His province) he ordered the municipality to transport garbage in these cars in & around the city. Soon this news spread like wildfire and the reputation of the luxury car maker and revenue dropped drastically.


Soon The brand value of the company began to fall and apologized for their mistake. They also gifted another  6 cars and pleaded the king to withdraw the cars  as garbage transporters.


Finally, Maharaja was cooled by the gesture and stopped using them as garbage transporters.