Revealed! Cersei Dies In Season 7


Finally! The winter has come, we’ve been waiting to witness the white walkers fighting the mankind since the time of Eddard Stark. Like every other season, the upcoming season 7 is also expected to be bloodthirsty, deceptive, reliable, and what not? Well! We’ve got some leaks from insights which are anticipated to happen in the upcoming season.

if it’s going to be genuine then it is going to be an electrifying season. Be it the unforeseen pregnancy of the mad queen, unexpected deception to the great king, the return of an unexpected salubrious man, of course, a plethora of deaths and with it comes the end of many great houses.

The Major Spoilers Of The Plot

The Spoilers

While Sansa was worried about the winter in the end of the season 6, the long night saw terrible demons rise from the death marching behind an evil leader, a dark reflection of the gods or the Lord of Light to which Melisandre once invoked. It’s going to be the latest cycle of a battle between the good and evil. The great war – The War Of The Dawn has finally brought to an end in this season.

Arya Stark

Arya orders all the freys using Walder’s face whom she executed in the last season, she sends all the women out and then offers a poisoned toast to all.

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Littlefinger tries to play with Arya against her sister Sansa, he uses the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb Stark under her compulsion from Lannisters. But Sansa exposes him with the help of Bran and executes him by Arya.


Another character that is making his return is Jorah, he is now cured of his greyscale of course by great Sam who discovered a procedure from an old maester in the town who had cured himself.

Bran and Sam discover Jon’s true legacy, and figures that his real name is Aegon. Meanwhile Gilly uncovers the information that the Rhaegar’s marriage was nullified, and he remarried Lyanna Stark, validating the Jon’s claim on the iron throne! Whoa, too much of twists!!


Lady Olenna Tyrell of house Tyrell admits to Jaime that she had killed Joffrey, and Jaime offers poison to take her life on her own by drinking it.

Euron captures and destroys the navy of Yara, while he keeps Yara as prisoner Theon makes it possible to escape away. Euron also kills two of the Sand Snakes and arrests Ellaria Sand. Undoubtedly, after making an alliance with Cersei.

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As we all know that Cersei has already turned the great Sept of Baelor into ashes to take out her all enemies at once and conquered the iron throne, she is finally all set to rule all 7 kingdoms. A lifelong dream of Cersei has finally come alive and she dwells every moment of that with joy. As the white walkers and the evil spirits are going to hit man world soon, Cersei convinces Jon Snow to relinquish Winterfell and in return, she agrees to make an alliance with Daenerys and Jon Snow to fight against the White Walkers.

Jon Snow

Meanwhile, the most sudden and unanticipated thing happened in this season is Jon Snow ends up in bed with the very beautiful queen Daenerys Targaryen.

Horrifyingly, after agreeing to help, Cersei doesn’t send her army to the north when the time comes, she assumes that the white walkers and the other houses would fight each other out and she can witness it with a sip of wine. This is the time when the stark family is finally in Winterfell and hearing about the reneges made by Cersei, Arya Stark who is now a trained assassin leaves in anger to nowhere.

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Finally Jaime gives up on his ladylove sister and walks into her room to tell her that he is going to ride towards the north to fight against the white walker, when he tries to wake up Cersei she doesn’t respond, being worried on this Jaime runs to Qyburn and have him look at what’s wrong. While you’re counting the possible ways how Cersei could be dead or who must have poisoned her to the death as she has a bucket full of enemies like Arya, Olenna Tyrell, or Ellaria Sand. Surprisingly, Qyburn figures it out that due to poisoned with the comfort of the mattress, in other words, the sleep specialist, Cersei is not responding!

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