Reasons why you should read poetry before going to bed


There are some days in our lives where we feel hopeless or angry. Sometimes, there is no one to vent out to. This creates a conflict  inside our heads. But, there is always a healer around. Nothing soothes the storm in our minds like a good page of wise words written by great poets. These are the people who have been judged and abused by the society. Reading those words can be cathartic, rather than burying those emotions inside, it purges them with an outburst. Poetry helps you to heal. Before you go to bed, you should read some good poetry. Here it how it benefits you:

# Helps to calm you down

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Poetry has a calming effect on your turbulent mind. It creates an empathetic bond with the poet. It also gives one the assurance that” This too shall pass”. Poetry reading before going to bed also actually helps you to calm down your nerves and anxiety. As you read through the words or the phrases, your mind slowly starts to shift from the point of stress to the poetry itself. By the end of the reading either one might find themselves calmer, or having  clarity to address their stressing points and resolve it. Surely. poetry is the food for the mind and heart that is always turbulent.

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# Gives you food for thought

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Even if you did not  have a bad day, reading poetry before going to bed is a good idea.  When you  read a poem, you start thinking more into the realities around you. It helps you to ponder over deeper issues of human beings. Sometimes you feel the need to find an answer to them. This helps to make you emotionally connected to the world around you.

# Makes you wholesome as a person

Reading books and novels is good, but poetry gives you a different perspective in the most precise words. Poetry gives you the most hidden themes in the words. Reading poetry gives you alternative opinions of societies through the eyes of the poet. Through this you can either believe them or create your own opinions.  Poetry gives you the opportunity to appreciate the good things around you and also question and critique things that are going wrong. It also makes you appreciate the achievements of influencing the minds of the people  with concise emotions and words. Poetry reading often pushes you to think and feel spiritually and focus on making the most of life. This makes you more wholesome as a person.

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# Appreciation of natural beauty and empathy

After reading poetry at night that appreciates the beauty of nature and the natural elements, it subconsciously gets embedded in the mind. In the morning when you wake up, you begin to embrace the beauty of nature around you. It creates the feeling of empathy towards our natural heritage and being a part of it.

# Stir up buried emotions

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Many of us try to be emotionally detached or bury our feelings inside. This becomes a very unhealthy defense mechanism. This can make you vulnerable to an emotional outburst. Reading poetry can be an emotional purge. You can read those words and let it all out. It helps you feel better.

# Clears the writer’s block

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For many writer’s, there comes a time when they feel not motivated to write. Poetry helps you to find that motivation. It helps you to bring that emotional depth into your writing. The words of the great men brews your inspiration and unclogs that writer’s block.

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# A great behaviour habit

Lastly reading poetry before going to bed is a great behaviour habit to inculcate. The different emotions of poetry, helps us to be considerate of things arounds or wake up with a sense of purpose to do better. It is a great exercise for the subconscious part of your brain which can percolate to the conscious and help you stay motivated throughout the day.

As Robin Williams said in the movie, Dead Poets Society “ Poetry is what we live for”, the words of the poets help to shape your thoughts. It gives you the emotional strength to cope with your surroundings.  Poetry is the food of life, and why not take the best from it before you go sleep