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5 Reasons why Cognizant donated Whopping Sum of 260 Crs for Chennai flood Relief – The Inside Story


Corporate Social responsibility has been a mandatory action for every organization in India. The companies who have their Off shore development centers are also getting into the CSR activities with a slogan “Giving back to society”. Many companies look at this CSR activities with a humanity perspective and very few companies would plan these activities for the publicity beneficiary and brand name improvement. Recent floods in Chennai has almost devastated and it would take months to years for complete recovery of the city. There are many companies in Chennai which were hit by floods directly and indirectly. Cognizant is one such company. This IT giant headquartered in America has most number of Associates working from Chennai. It has 11 facilities in city homing more than 60,000 employees. The floods have effected Cognizant a lot forcing it to shut down all operations. Cognizant has been into CSR activities and is one of the most appreciated corporate company for its interest and initiatives. Well, many expected that it would help Chennaites but never expected that it would be this big hearted. Cognizant has donated 260 crores (yeah we mean that) for Chennai reconstruction and rehabilitation. This is a very huge donation done by any company in India so far. Some are taking time and appreciating its act and some are framing this to be a publicity act to improve its brand value. Well, we were unsure about their strategies but we are in those people who appreciate this kind heart of Cognizant. Here are some plans which it is going to implement for its employees and Chennaites wellbeing.


65 crores to CM relief fund

Cognizant has already transferred 65 crore rupees to CM relief fund of Tamil Nadu. They are in plan of using the remaining 195 crores for the permanent relief efforts in Chennai through Government associations and NGO’s. Cognizant has already started on this and their teams are already working in nearby villages.

CSR wing “Outreach” in action

The CSR wing of Cognizant is named as Outreach. The Outreach has done numerous programs and has helped many people who are in need. Outreach has already started its work and is planning huge drives to collect basic needs from their Employees to help the flood effected victims. As per the sources already the mailers and floor shows have started internally in the organization.

Emergency loans to Chennai based employees

Employees are assets to the organization and Cognizant seems to be so aware of this thing. It has announced emergency loans of up to 1 lakh rupees to its all Chennai based employees and has also provided some flexible pay back options. As per the sources it is releasing early payroll for this month for its employees.

Emergency Supplies to Employees

Cognizant is providing all emergency supplies like ration, torch lights, floor mats and etc.., for its employees. It is also providing some medical assistance to its associates whoever are in need. The company is also in plan of implementing some sessions which are meant for wellbeing of employees.

This is really appreciable as very rarely we see a coming forward and helping on this huge note on a natural calamity. This is time for every human to contribute something to Chennai. We are all humans whether we were separated by regions.



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