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Reasons to quit smoking. Give up today for better tomorrow!


If you are reading this than you are surely thinking to quit smoking or you have already put some efforts for the same or you may be tired of quitting it few times earlier. Even after being aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health, if you continue to smoke then your chance of falling prey to a disease will increase. Nobody believes that smoking actually causes lung and heart diseases. Almost 1 out of 2 persons will die earlier just because of smoking.

No matter how old you are- it’s an alarming time to gear up and start taking action to quit smoking. The sooner you take this into account the more you will reduce your risk.

  • Smoking affects your lifespan and makes you look old early

Study says that non-smokers die earlier than people who are non-smokers and die almost 14 years earlier just because of smoking habits. It leads to numerous diseases like cancer of the voice box (larynx), throat, lung, esophagus, intestines, kidney, bladder, pancreas and heart attack or stroke. If one takes immediate action to quit smoking; all these risks gradually decline. To increase your life span the first and the foremost step is quit smoking.


  • Smoking gives you awful breath and others feel hatred to be intimate with you 

Smoking gives you awful bad breath and one opts for a chewing gum all the time after smoking. But it does not really help. It might be helpful initially but using chewing mint is not effective in the long run. After few years of constant smoking leads to bad breath and people you met every day in your life will feel hatred to have a talk with you. Even you partner too feel bad to intimate with you. To get rid of this situation one should quit smoking.

  • Nonsmoker looks younger in comparative to smokers of same age

Studies say that the nonsmoker looks younger than the smokers. If you are a smoker than you look 40 even if you are just 30 years old, as smoking not only effects your lung but your skin also. It wrinkles your skin even in faster rate in comparative to nonsmoker’s skin. Though, if you want to look more presentable and younger one should quit smoking. To look young quitting smoking would be the right decisions.

  • Burning cigarettes leads to burning of money

On an average a smoker smokes 10 cigarettes daily. Thus, it means spending almost Rs. 100 every day. That counts up to Rs3000 every month. Almost Rs 1, 20,000 every year. Now you can imagine how much money you can save in a year and spend this amount on savings rather than burning. It’s never too late to take the right decision. Burning your money which not only affects your body but also becomes liability for you.

  • Smoking leads to infertility

Sex is one of the greatest pleasure of life and no one wants to hamper this pleasure just because of their unhealthy habits. Smoking leads to decrement in the counts of sperms release by the body in addition to erectile dysfunction and hormonal issues. It leads to affects your performance on bed and your partner may feel irritated. I am sure enough that you how much problematic it is for you.  There is no one who wants to affect this so badly that you won’t even able to enjoy this pleasure. Quitting smoking would be the right decision to avoid infertility problems.

  •  Smoking hampers your teeth and leads to dental problems

You might have just started smoking but before you can understand the major problems might start to penetrate. The damage can start showing up on your face too. Your teeth can start staining and turn into yellow. This not only increases the gum problems but sooner becomes weak too. At the end you may land up into dental issues also. It’s high time now, pick your cigarette box and flush it. Smoking has only negative effects on body still you are sleeping. It’s time to wake up now.

  • Smoking reduces your stamina and makes you unhealthier

Smoking is not only harmful, but it engulfs your stamina too. If you are working in Multinational companies than you might be leading a hectic life. In addition to this bad habit, it makes you even unhealthier and weaker day by day. Every time you smoke it not only affects you but also leads to breathing problems of other persons standing beside you. What are you waiting for? Wake up and quit smoking.

  • Smoking makes you dependent

Every person thinks that smoking is injurious to health. But still smokes. One may think that occasionally smoking does not harm you. Once you start smoking it becomes a habit and you become addicted to it. Being addicted to everything is bad. Don’t let cigarette control your life and destroy everything. It’s never too late to take the right decision. Don’t think just quit smoking, incase you are already addicted try the option below, it does help:


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