Questions After Selection In A Job Interview


The happiness of getting selected in an interview is incomparable. Whatever the job is temporary or permanent, whether you seek it or it’s just something till the next big thing comes in your life, the happiness of passing an interview knows no bounds. But what after that? You don’t just say your good-byes and leave, do you? HR says that they always find it a good sign if they have a few questions for them. And that’s just right, isn’t it? After all, if you are going to work there, you must be curious. And if you are interested, then you should be confident enough to ask questions. What questions should you ask? We have five must ask questions. Here’s a list of 5 questions after selection in a job interview.

Your Job During the Probation Period

Every new employee has his probation period, where they have to work under watch for a limited period. Once the period is complete, the company heads analyse the new employee’s performance to decide whether they should continue with him or her or not. This is a mutually beneficial time. As both the employee and the employer get time to understand whether they fit or not. So after you get selected for an interview, you must have tons of questions about your probation period. ‘How will the employer measure your performance?’, ‘What kind of tasks will be expected from you?’, ‘If you still require time to adjust, will the probation period extend?’ and stuff like that.

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Your Profile

You have been selected for your interview. The employer has found you suitable. But that doesn’t mean everything about you is pitch-perfect. Maybe, you were the best out of all. However, are you the best version of yourself? You must ask the employer questions about your profile, its pros and cons, what things it lacks, what skills you lack so that you can learn them now. This helps you to become a better professional and stay updated on the industry requirements.

How Did the Company Survive the Pandemic?

This is an important question. You must know how your company is tackling problems like a pandemic. Did they cut the employees’ pays, did they cut down the manpower, what measures did they follow to keep everything regular. These questions will give you a good estimate of the company. After all, you are going to be dependent on them for your livelihood.

Company Growth

How will the company grow in future? How will the company growth affect my growth? Change is necessary for everyone. It is not enough that you can rise in the position in the company. The company, too, should have its plans that will give you new and exciting opportunities. It would help if you asked this beforehand to prepare yourself for the skills you will require in the future.

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The Work Environment

Each company has its way of working and treating employees. In some companies, it is okay to wear casuals, while some ask for compulsory formals. There are other parameters, too, like cultural events, other programs like yoga sessions, development sessions, etc., that a company should provide. After all, all-day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

So this is the list of questions after selection in a job interview. I hope it helps to leave a good impression on your employer next time you get hired.