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Psychological Tricks In Disney Land To Make Waiting Lines Tolerable


Visiting Disney land, regardless of our age, has been no less than a fantasy for most of us! This common wish of ours also leads to crowds and in long waiting lines in the park. Of course, the workers in the park love the crowds! They have also been smart enough by helping us bear the extended waiting hours, with clever psychological tricks!

1. The Layout Of The Line

When a large queue is arranged in a zigzag manner, waiters can easily be agitated by seeing the number of people ahead. This causes them to give up on the ride or prevent from entering it in the first place. The workers of Disney Land avoid such situations by keeping the people in the dark. In Space Mountain, walls are built surrounding the waiting line, preventing the waiters from seeing ahead of the line. This stops them from giving up on the line and have patience.

2. False Line Durations

The signs in front of the rides intentionally show a long waiting period. If the wait was said to be about 40 minutes long, it will be over within 25 minutes. This will make you feel as if the time has gone by fast. So if you ever felt the line and time have gone by fast, you have been tricked!

3. Incorporating Designs Of Rides In Queues

This is one of the famous techniques that Disney is famous for. The queues are designed to gain attention of the waiters and keep them occupied. For example, while waiting for a Star Wars ride, visitors are projected animations and holograms related to the theme of the ride. This provides them with a mental stimulation, making them feel as if the line is moving faster while they have been distracted by the designs.



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