Progressive daily soaps: TV Series breaking Stereotypes


In recent times, Indian daily soaps have always been the point of criticism. The reason is simple enough. As Indian youth progressed, the melodramatic soap opera had little to offer them. Worst yet, they couldn’t stand the shitty stories with cliché scenes that had continued for almost quite a few decades.

There were many negatives in the television series. Further, a lot of them glorified male egos, female sub-standards, wrecked mental health, disputed working, living conditions and what not!

With the onset of the digital revolution, web series replaced daily soaps. People follow web series just as crazily as they waited for the next episode to air. What’s more? They loved it better for their realistic content and brutal honesty. Daily soaps took a hard toll and learned to be progressive. Today, we can see many daily soaps that break the long followed stereotypical norms. Here’s a list of currently airing progressive daily soaps.

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Story 9 Months Ki:

Currently being aired on Sony TV, this is a real break through the rules. The protagonist actress is a successful business woman, who decides to divorce her cheating husband. Further, she also decides to have a baby like she always wanted through IVF. A big step in a country where sex education is non-existant.

Kaatelal and Sons:

A big stand against gender inequality! This television series is being aired on Sab TV. It is a story of two twin sisters Garima and Sushila of Harayana trying to run a male barbershop after their father Dharampal Thakur. Since the orthodox father is strictly against this, the girls think it is their right to run their father shop instead of hired help.

Tera Yaar Hoon Main:

This is the story of a new era family with traditional views amongst the older generation and modern independence amongst the teenagers. In between these two ends, a father is trying to bridge the gap with his son. Also, he is trying to imbibe freedom yet responsibility for his children. This show too airs on Sab TV.

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Anupamma is a lady nearing her 40s trying to make a career from scratch. This is an inspiring tale to all those ladies who feel that it is too late to start a career. Anupamma like every other television series has drama in it. However, the ideology is progressive in itself.

Bheemrao Ambedkar:

This television series is based on the life of Father of Indian Constitution, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Originally, this show was aired in Marathi language on a regional channel. However, after gaining a huge popularity, this show was dubbed in Hindi. It is a real life story and less drama. It showcased how the powerful personality of Dr. Ambedkar was shaped.

So this is the list of the currently airing progressive daily soaps. One note of caution, these shows are not without dramas. They are still daily soaps after all. However, if you are tired of Binge-watching and Taraak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma, try one of this. Don’t forget to mention your views in the comments below.