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5 reasons why pranks are needed in life – Pranks Complication


Humor has become a part in the life. If you don’t have good humor you can’t enjoy your life to the fullest. Pranks are a part in humor. It is often considered as the most important thing to make some new person feel comfortable in the group also it will help them to get gel up soon. Some times one plays pranks with friends and family just for fun and thrill. Many times they would give you the fun quotient you needed but rarely sometimes it would end up in tragic notations. There is some serious discussion going on the psychology world that whether pranks has to consider as jokes or some other act which would corner the person though it is intended to just for fun. It is a win win situation in this argument. People who play too much pranks are to be considered as witty and there are some theories explaining the chances of them taking a psychic turn in their life. These acts are needed at a level of causality but more than this level would definitely cause problems.

Heights of Pranks 

Well, there are many examples where a prank has gone wrong many times. An old lady has received a call stating that her husband has met with accident and he just died. The tensed old women has died of hyper tension after listening to the news. The reality is that was a prank call done by her 11 years old grandson. In other incident an american has challenged his friends that he would panic police and he called them stating there are some chaos going in downtown. Police has reached there and in no time two gangs started to fight and police were successful in stopping the fight. So a prank call which the american has done without knowledge has actually stopped a big fight and saved many lives.

Pranks are needed 

You might create some fake profiles on facebook, whatsapp, skype and other social networks to prank your friends. That is nothing wrong and it is needed to. Any prank should be in such a way that it should not effect the persons emotion. When a person is caught in prank and when he realizes that he has been framed Adrenaline and dopamine will release in a flow making him feel embarrassed in the situation. Later he/her would be the one who will also start enjoying the fun. This transition is different in different people. So one has to look into this while playing a prank.

Types of Pranks

There is no such classification of pranks but depending on the level and place you do we can segregate them accordingly. The office pranks where you would send a mail from your friends email ID without his/her notice stating that he is getting married. College pranks, where the entire day is filled with pranks right from tensing your friend about the work to pulling your friend into a dispute without his knowledge. Travel pranks, cooking pranks and so on in the list. Remember pranks are very good for health when used and played carefully.



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