10 Funny Prank Ideas for Family & Siblings


Are you searching for hilarious prank ideas to prank your siblings? If yes, then you are on the right platform. It’s so boring to continue the conversation always. Sometimes, we need laughing things to make our days fantastic. It is said that ‘Memories never fade’ and to make many memories, we do some pranks or go on tours which lead towards the path of happiness. There is an end of life but not of memories. 

I know you are also one of them who are searching for unique pranks. Are you upset with your cousins? So no need to be worried, go, and do these pranks by taking your revenge. There is no harmless prank here, you can easily enjoy this. Those who have siblings are god gifted because you can easily spend your quality of time with them. Sometimes if your parents have a little tension then you can also do these fun, so that they can feel better.

Fun or pranks remove half of the tensions in a while. So why are you getting bored? I have covered here prank with family and siblings.

Must try these below-mentioned new and unique pranks ideas

#1 Terrifying COPS prank

Get two sets of army dresses and give it to your friends to wear. They both would come to your house and you have to show you are unfamiliar to him. They will tell your family that you are going to be arrested because of the robbery. You have to accept that you have done robbery and surrender yourself quickly. Be ready to face the red eyes of your father. Get up can be like this:-

#2 Colgate oreo biscuit😋

Take two chocolate biscuits and add pure white Colgate between them. It will look like an oreo biscuit. Give it to your siblings to eat. Paste Colgate as the cream is pasted on the oreo biscuit so that it would appear as same as that. It should be pasted like this:-

#3 Beautiful Nails

When your brother will take a sleeping nap, put an artificial nail on his hand. Put very silently so that he could not notice it. You can use such designed nails:-

#4 Blood vs ketchup

Have a fight with your siblings and act as you are hurt, then put tomato ketchup in your hand so that it is going to horrify them. Then show that to your parents who love you most(mom or dad). Reveal the truth after scolding. For example:-

#5 Suspend notice prank

In school, hour say your friends to call your parents in a harsh tone. Tell him to say at the end of class that you are suspended from school and come to take you. Your family must be shocked and reveal the truth before scolding. 

#6 Tea of salt😉

This prank would be best for tea lovers. If any member of your family is badly addicted to tea then give him tea with salt. When he or she would enquire for tea then add some salt in the place of sugar. 

#7 Shirt on the verge of shut😀

If you have a cool brother then take his shirt first then cut all the buttons of that shirt. After that paste that button by using fevicol. Hopefully, he would love it.😉😉

#8 Painted Gloves

In winter take the gloves of any family members of your whom you want to be fun. Take some paint with adding gum and fill it into the gloves. When your sibling would wear it then there would be good outcomes. 

#9 Gum on the chair

Before dinner add some fevikwik on the chair. Take two or three packets for a chair and spread it perfectly in the middle. I hope this will make you more fun. Use the below gum.

#10 Unique lip balm😀

Do you have a ‘Divya Dhara’ balm of Ramdev Baba? If yes, then give it to those who don’t know about this. Give them when he or she would ask for lip balm. Say them this is the most trending balm which shines very perfectly. As:-