Practical Tips To Incorporate Celtic Elements Into Your Outfits


Irish fashion has come a long way from what it was; traditional Irish style can be explained as practical for the times. Although, most of them are not entirely suitable for the modern world. That said, we now have current Irish fashions that are suitable for today’s society. 

However, fashions can be pretty tricky to follow; keeping up to date with the latest trends is a never-ending ambition as they are constantly changing. 

As a result, it’s become a practical approach to rather vaguely follow trends while incorporating your personal touch to outfits. So, if it’s a Celtic aesthetic that you’re after, but you’re hoping for minimal Irish accents, then we’ve listed some practical tips for you to add unique Celtic touches to any outfit.

Accessorize With Irish Jewelry

The range of Irish jewelry out there is enough to amaze anyone. This type of jewelry is generally exceptionally delicate, detailed, and sophisticated. 

When accessorizing your outfits for a Celtic look, you should still consider the proper etiquette for wearing jewelry with any outfit. For example, when choosing jewelry to wear at the office, opt for minimalism and sophistication. A ring, watch, and necklace are more than enough. On the other hand, evening wear outfits can be complete with no more than earrings and a necklace, or trendy earrings and a ring or two. 

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You can wear Irish rings, Celtic knot pendant necklaces, or even a variety of Irish bracelets to accessorize just about any outfit. This is possibly also the best way to add your personal Irish vibe to any outfit. There are tons of exceptionally sophisticated and statement Irish ring options to choose from, so you’ll find something for every dress code. 

Touches Of Green

Throwing on a Vibrant green trench coat, a four-leaf clover screen tee, or even a pair of green leggings are several ways that you can add touches of notable green to your outfits. We all know that emerald green is the color most associated with the Irish, as the color of the iconic four-leaf clover. 

Pleated Skirts

Of course, nothing screams Celtic more so than the traditional kilt skirts that men typically wear. However, women can wear these too. And if you opt for a shorter length, you’ll be right on par with the latest fashions, as pleated skirts, a-line skirts, and even high-waisted mini skirts are currently trending. 

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Flowing Fabrics

Much of the Celtic trend look is based on flowing, freeing patterns in the comfortable, breezy fabric. You can find various stylish and comfortable maxi dresses, summer pants, and loose-fitting knitted sweaters to fit this aesthetic. 

The endless stream of trends and fashions out there can make it a bit challenging to find your unique look. That said, you can incorporate Celtic touches to any fashion category, whether corporate workwear, casual street fashion looks, or college trends. The best approach is to use Celtic accessories to tie outfits together or add unique touches of vibrant Irish green to your wardrobe.