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Top 10 Powerful World Leaders 2022


Are you very much excited to know about the most powerful leaders in the world?

If yes, then surely you will get your answer from here. Being a common man in a city is easy but in the world, it really matters. The most hilarious journey is the life from a common man to a powerful man. 

The best qualities of a powerful person are the power to influence the world by their action and ability to take a hard decision without getting any harm to the designation and status of the leader, although people and countries oppose it. Power depends on the vision, self-confidence, team spirit, new ideas, and wealth. Holding the position in the list of powerful leaders is quite hard because the whole world judges them according to their actions and works.

So here is the list of some top powerful leaders who steal the heart of mass by their action:

#1 Xi jinping

Country: China

Xi Jinping rules the world’s most populous country, top populated country with1.4 billion people. He is the most powerful leader of China since Mao. He is the world’s most powerful man and leader. He holds rank 1st in the Forbes list. Xi Jinping came into power since 2013, he consolidated his power through high profile anti-corruption drives, a cult of personality and by amassing global influence through trade. He set out an ambitious vision for the way forward at the Communist Party’s 19th congress last October: for China to become a global superpower.

#2 Vladmir Putin

Country: Russia

He also comes under the most powerful leader in the world. Once he was ranked one according to the Forbes powerful man or leaders lists but now he is on second. He has been ruling Russia since 1999. He is not just the president but became the symbol of Russian Power. Putin understands not only Russia but also the world, to understand Putin you must have to understand Russia. He is considered as the richest leader in the world. He uses his power as one should.

Best quote by him: ”We don’t need a weakened government, but a strong government that would take responsibility for the rights of the individual and cares for the society as a whole”.

#3 Donald trump

Country: United States

Trump is known for his ” dare devil ” spirit. He is ranked by Forbes as the world’s third most powerful leader. He is the president of the United States and he is known for an authentic leader. He has great confidence over anything and he is a good deal maker which all made him the most powerful. Once he cleared in his election manifesto that he intends to bring the immigration system to prioritize the interests of Americans first.

#4 Angela markel

Country: Germany

She is ranked by four in Forbes powerful leaders list for the ninth straight year. She got a doctorate in physical chemistry. She is the most dominant lady in the world of 2020. She has been called ”The Leader of the Free World”. She is an inspiration for millions of women in the world. She is the first chancellor female in Europe. Markel entered politics during the revolutions of 1989. She became the second woman to become president of the European council.

#5 Narendra modi


He is the best prime minister of India, ranked by 9 in the most powerful leaders in the Forbes list. His actions and firm determination is leading him to the peak. He has great excitement for doing big things always. Moreover, the PM has overtaken the likes of Donald Trump, Putin, and Jinping. After the Balakot Strike, Modi’s power got raised in the World. The journey from his childhood to PM, it is literally an inspiration for all upcoming youth leaders.

#6 Mohammad bin salman

Country: Saudi Arabia

Salman, just 33 years old and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia who is a very popular leader in the world and middle east. He worked sharply before the presidential election to crack Mr. Trump’s inner circle. Salman’s rise to power began in 2013, with the rank of the minister when he was named head of the Crown Prince’s Court. He was praised for lifting the ban on women driving and trying to wean the country off oil.

#7 Emmanuel macron

Country: France

Emmanuel Macron the youngest president in the history of all ages. He was the former economy minister of France after that he was elected as the president of France. He was born in Amiens and studied Philosophy at Paris Nanterre University. He worked for the citizen and Republic moment for 2 years. In August 2015 Macron said that he was no longer a member of the socialist party and was independent.

#8 Thersa may

Country: United Kingdom

Thersa May who served Britain as a prime minister for 4 years from July 2016 to July 2019. She was the first female to hold the role since Margaret Thatcher. She became the first female Prime Minister. A member of the Conservation party, May had originally voted to stay in the E.U despite having reservations. Previously she was elected as the Home secretary in 2010 and was elected MP.

#9 Benjamin netanyahu

Country: Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu served as the prime minister of his country twice. He was the longest-serving prime minister of Israel since its independence. Netanyahu has several ambassadorship positions before being elected as a rigid member in 1988. He was the deputy minister of foreign affairs.

#10 Shinzo abe

Country: Japan

Shinzo Abe on November 20 will become the longest-serving prime minister of japan. Mr. Abe has been in power for two spells: July 2006 -September 2007. And the current stretch since 2012. He steered the economy from deflation and decline. He expanded Japan’s strategic option beyond its traditional reliance on the United States. His 3 pillars include monetary easing, fiscal spending, and deregulation to promote private investment.



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