Top Ten Most Powerful Alcoholic Drinks on the Planet


If you want to taste some really powerful alcoholic drinks, then here are some suggestions for you. But be aware as these may knock you down easily.

  1. Spirytus Polish Vodka 192 Proof

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This drink is best for its mild taste and the smell which is very gentle in nature. This is one of the top class alcoholic drinks which is made from superior quality ethyl alcohol and that too having a grain base. In Poland, this alcohol is used for making herbal liquors, in desserts and even used for medical purposes.

  1. Everclear Grain 190 Proof

This transparent liquor which has no taste at all is best when taken with other drinks. This drink can be mixed with other drinks to get the vigor. It is very strong and was banned years ago in the USA, but now has been legalized.

  1. Golden Grain 190 Proof

This spirit with neutral grain texture is another most powerful drink which is manufactured by Luxco and now is famous in the United States by the name of Everclear.

  1. Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey 184 Proof
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This is one of the finest quality single malt whiskeys available among others. The quadruple-distilled whiskey has a great taste and was popularly known as the “perilous whiskey.” It has an amazing effect but must be taken in less quantity.

  1. Absinthe 179 Proof

This alcohol has been distilled from the herbs extract, and it also includes the extracts of various leaves and flowers from the medicinal plants. Though the drink was previously banned in various regions of USA and Europe, but it still remains one of the popular drinks among the alcohol lovers.

  1. Balkan 176 Proof Vodka

This Vodka is triple distilled in nature and is tremendously strong. Because of its power, this vodka has a number of warning messages on the bottle. This vodka with incredible strength comes from Balkans and is generally produced in a small amount so that a superior quality can be obtained. It is advisable to mix this vodka with other drinks and that too in small quantity or else if you try to take it neat, it may be hazardous to your health.

  1. John Crow Batty Rum 160 Proof
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This white rum from Jamaica is also very strong and is actually stronger than the acids present in our stomach.

  1. Bacardi 151 Proof

This rum is regarded as the best base for various sweet cocktails. This is highly inflammable and hence comes with warnings as well as a flame arrester made out of steel. This is widely available in the USA.

  1. Sierra Tequila Silver 150 Proof

This clear tequila is an age old alcoholic drink which is best for its fresh essence and fruity smell. This can be mixed with different herbs and even with caramel or vanilla to rock the party.

  1. Grappa 120 Proof

This is a well-known strong brandy with the flavor of wine and is made mostly out of the grape skin, seeds as well as grape stems, just to get that extra grape flavor.