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10 Most Popular Guitar Brands – A List For Music Lovers


Music heals the souls from stressful times. The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments of the revolution of music. There are leagues of people who are highly revolutionized by the experts of the guitar. The best brands of guitar always stay top of the list. There are some manufacturers for guitars that have been for many years. There is a variety of guitar brands for the lovers of music. Let’s look out some famous guitar brands listed below-

#1 Gibson

Gibson is one of the most popular brands of USA. It is a private company for musical instruments. It is a very famous brand that sells its products throughout the world. Gibson is an American Corporation, which usually makes guitar and various other musical instruments Mandolas, Guitars, Mandolins, Bass Guitars, Violas, Banjos, Cellos, Mandocellos, Guitar Amplifiers, Violins and many more. This company is highly based on USA, Tennessee, and Nashville. This great company was founded in Kalamazoo in the year 1902.


#2 Epiphone

Epiphone is also a very famous brand which manufactures Greek Musical Instruments. This private company was founded in Smyrna in the year 1873. This great company also produces different musical instruments like Ukuleles, Banjos, Effects Units and many more.

#3 Jackson

Jackson is one of the most popular guitar brands around the word. It’s a great company founded in the year 1980.  This excellent brand has two famous founders Randy Rhoads and Grover Jackson. The headquartered of this private company is in Scottsdale. The product is being highly served throughout the world, but this company only produces Electric guitar.

#4 Yamaha

The popular Yamaha brand is a conglomerate and is a multinational corporation of Japan. This brand is very famous for its wide range of products. This brand produces almost everything starting from motorcycle to instruments of music. This brand manufactures any models of guitar. This popular company was founded in the year 1887 on 12th October. This great brand is headquartered in Shizuoka prefecture and Hamamatsu in Japan. This excellent brand manufactures many types of different products of music like- Musical instruments, Automobiles, Products of computer, Electronics, Musical Instruments, Golf clubs, Personal watercraft, Video or Audio and many more.

#5 Fender

Fender is one of the wells known guitar brands of America. This brand is popular for its solid bodies of bass and electric guitars, and also serves its musical instruments all over the world. This famous brand is headquartered in Arizona. The founder of this excellent brand is Clarence Leonidas Fender. Fender manufactures some sorts of instruments like – Lap guitars, Bass Guitars, Amplifiers of Guitars and many more.

#6 B.C Rich

B.C Rich is one of the most popular and respected private company. This great company produces bass and electric guitar. The founder of this excellent company is Bernardo Chavez Rico. Recently, B.C. Rich guitars are produced only in Asia. This company is headquartered in California.

#7 Paul Reed Smith

This popular brand is also known as PRS guitar. It is generally a guitar of American Manufacturer Company. This brand is founded in the year 1985. This famous brand’s founder is Paul Reed Smith. This famous brand is popularly known for the custom shop instruments. PRS usually manufactures certain musical instruments such as- Guitar Amplification, Bass guitars, Guitars.

#8 ESP Company

ESP Company is also one of the most popular guitar brands. This company is mainly concentrated on the instruments such as basses and electric guitar. It highly manufactures Japanese guitars. This great company is headquartered in Tokyo. This company served its instruments of music worldwide. ESP Company is founded by Hisatake Shibuya in the year 1975. This excellent company provides guitars to both Japan and the USA. ESP produces both bass and Electric Guitars.

#9 Ibanez

Ibanez is a Japanese branded private company. This excellent brand is founded in Nagoya in the year 1957. This brand is one of the first instruments of Japanese for gaining foothold significantly in Europe and U.S. It’s a worldwide most popular company. This company manufactures various instruments like- Bass Guitars, Guitars Amplifiers and many more.

#10 Carvin

Carvin is one of the most popular guitar companies comparing to the rest. Carvins model has got every style for music. This company produces high-quality American instruments of music. This brand only makes Custom Guitars.



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