Plants That You Can Easily Grow Inside Your House


A lot of people love having a green member of a family. I am talking about plants. Plants will feel like a part of the family if you are fond of one. You must remember the famous experiment by J.C. Bose. However, urban living has made it difficult to afford gardening. Plus, hardly anybody has got the time for it. Are you too fond of plants? Are you looking for something that can be easily grown inside a house? So, here’s a list of plants that you can easily grow inside your house.

Snake Plant:

It has long leaves. The light green stripes on the leaves of the plant give it its unique name. It does not require a use amount of sunlight or water. Also, it flourishes in room conditions. Further, the plant looks chic and clean.

Fiddle Leaf Fig:

This broad-leaved part is deep green in colour. It is called as Ficus lyrata and is bushy. You can keep it near your door so that it adds a good vibe to your hospitality. Although, do not overwater it. It will wilt.

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Windmill Palm Tree:

This plant is perfect to keep on your porch or on your small terrace or even a balcony. It does not require much water but large amount of sunlight is must. It is drought tolerant. Hence, it doesn’t require much care.

Citrus Tree:

Want something that does the job of a room freshener? Opt for a citrus tree and your room will always have a fresh citrus smell. Plus, it can bear fruits. Although, you must keep it in a sunlit area.

Parlor Palm:

If you are trying your hands on tree keeping for the first time, go for something that comes cheap and doesn’t require much care. Parlor Palm is the best fit.

Bonsai Live Dwarf Jade Tree:

Everyone admires the Japanese Bonsai tree culture. This miniature Jade Tree is an indoor succulent that acts as an air purifier. It requires moist soil.

Weeping Fig:

This a graceful tree with deep green leaves. This tree to require little care. It doesn’t like extreme cold or hot climates. The water require is minimum. The tricky part is that it sheds its leaves. So you will need to clean up from time to time.

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Areca Palm:

Need something that grows a good height to keep in your porch? Go for the Areca Palm. It can go 6 to 7 feet tall. It prefers light and water. So it is best grown on terrace or outside on a porch or a small garden.

Rubber Tree:

Need something that gives you some stuff to work upon but doesn’t give you much work? The rubber Tree is apt. It will require you wearing gloves to avoid its sticky sap but it doesn’t require much tending. It likes moderate light without being placed in direct sunlight.

Ponytail Palm:

It looks just like a ponytail. If you want something that grows slowly so you don’t have to chop it again and again. Plus, it requires minimum care.

Norfolk Island Pine:

Now, get to know that this plant doesn’t require much care, but it cannot tolerate changes either. It requires sunlight and moist soil. However, any changes in the environment, overwatering or low humidity, the needles will fall and they don’t grow back.

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Corn Plant:

Looking for something that requires less care as well as space? Try the corn plant. It can grow up to 6 feet but it has a bamboo-like stalk that won’t occupy much space.

So these are some of the plants that you can easily grow inside your house.