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Perks of Being a Flight Attendant: 13 Benefits


A job of a flight attendant may seem very monotonous and demanding. A lot of people think that it is too tiring to serve others. However, the job has its perks and they are not restricted to the handsome salary. The flight attendant does enjoy their jobs with many interesting things that can happen within the air. Here is a list of perks of being a flight attendant.

They watch you all the time:

Long flights often can lead to many funny situations. Flight attendants hear it all. And then narrate it later to have a good laugh.

Great opportunity to make Friends.

Flight attendants meet a lot of people and they make new friends almost every day. Some of them stay friendly even after the flight.

Learning different cultures:

Being in different countries among different cultures, Flight attendants can observe a lot about the different cultures, types of people, languages, and food.

Meeting personalities and celebrities:

Flight attendants do get to see their favourite celebrities on flight, in their natural behaviour without any cameras. They even get to serve them. Although, it requires some experience before they allowed to serve the high profile guest.

Well groomed:

Flight attendants have special grooming sessions that helps them maintain the charming and friendliness in their personalities. They also have special personality development sessions.

Always look their best:

A lot of flights have strict rules about their uniform and makeup. For example, the Emirates air hostess wear a red lipstick that is specially made and given to their staff. A lot of such accessories and uniform are a common practice among all the commercial flights. However, unlike some other jobs it is hard to hate the pristine uniforms of flight attendants.

Insurance for everything:

Flight attendants get insurance for everything. Dental insurance, vision insurance are some of the many perks. With medical treatments so costly these days, it is a welcome benefit.

Paid Lifestyle:

The airlines basically support all your life related to work. Travel allowance, Hotel Stays, Medical treatments, and what not!

Less Work Hours:

The average working time of flight attendants is 60 to 95 hours per month. This is less than the cumulative time period of normal 9 to 5 jobs.

Cheap flights:

Flight attendants can fly at very low cost. This is not only for work flights. Other normal flights on vacation also cost very less.

You don’t need a college degree.

Anyone above 18 or 21 can become flight attendants. So if you are in a financially unstable background, you can build a great career here.

Schedule Flexibility:

This is both pro and con. Due to a flexible schedule you can never get bored of the work timings. However, night shifts are must.

Free housing:

Some airlines provide free housing for their staff which is at a posh area. The area is also convenient with multiple facilities like car.

So these are some of the most common perks of being a flight attendant. When you scale and become more experienced your benefits increase.



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