People Who Annoy And Stress You At Your Workplace


When we refer to the term “workplace”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you are a corporate employee then we are sure that these are exactly your words that we are putting through. Getting a job in a big well-known reputed company makes you feel proud of yourself and you don’t mind giving a pat on your back.

You will be having high-self esteem and you include yourself in the category of confident and independent individuals. You go and join the company with the thought process that your company colleagues over there will be helping you out in terms of difficulties as everything looks transparent and encouraging in the start from an external point of view.

As time passes and your tenurity in the company increases, you come across different people in the organization each one of its own ways. While you may jell with few, they are people whose behavior and habits make you annoyed. Now let’s check out the people who annoy you. We are sure that each one of you would have met one such character at least that we are going to show you.

Clueless Employees

Well at the start, you may feel that you are the one who doesn’t know things well in the organization. You expect the senior employees and the management team on board to have a good knowledge when it comes to their roles and responsibilities. In reality, after joining and staying there for a period of time, you realize that there are such people who don’t even know what they are up to in the company. They act and behave in a way that it makes them look really funny and silly.

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People Who Annoy & Stress You At Your Workplace

Sleep Zone

Initially, when you join the company, you are excited about the various benefits that a company is offering you. Some of them include sleeping zone (Bunker rooms), Cafeteria that operates 24*7, Gym for the fitness freaks, Cab facilities and we can keep on adding to the list. You feel that you can enjoy your workplace with all the facilities but later at a point in time, you realize that despite all of them being available, you never get an opportunity or leisure to utilize them to the max. Have you ever got a break from your work and tried out taking rest by having a short nap at the sleep zone area? We are sure that you might have tried out only at times when you were not feeling well.

People Who Annoy & Stress You At Your Workplace

Women’s time

The one who enjoys their work time at the office is women as they work and as well get themselves involved in a variety of things that interest them. They will be the first one to know about any new gossips that are making the round, the first ones to be ready when it comes to partying. Have you ever seen a woman washroom when there is any cultural event organized in your company? What did you feel after getting to hear those lousy talk and those dramatic expressions & poses that people give seeing themselves in the mirror is hilarious! The one who is different from this crowd will be able to understand how mad & fun they are in their own ways.

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Dazzling scent of Cologne

Are you the one who doesn’t like heavy fragrance and makes sure to avoid using them? Then there is one place, where you at any cost have to bear it. Yes, it’s  your workplace. We are sure that you should be coming across people who make your morning pleasant and cheerful with the strong scents that you completely hate. This can be really annoying if you are a migraine patient as migraine people are more sensitive towards any strong aromas.

People Who Annoy & Stress You At Your Workplace

No balance of work life

We all love to maintain the work-life balance to make sure that we are in no way lagging behind in any of our key priorities. When you are in office, you take the efforts to focus on your work and excel. Most of the employees don’t prefer taking their work back home. While you are struggling so much to create that perfect balance, you might have definitely come across people who get their personal lives involved in the workplace through long and lousy calls during the peak office hours. Just imagine yourself working at your desk and you are getting to hear all the personal drama of your colleague who is sitting right beside you and talking over the call. That is annoying where you really want to advise the person but can’t do anything about it!

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People Who Annoy & Stress You At Your Workplace

Healthy Colleague

You might not really be the one who focuses much on your diet. You are happy with what you either get from home or with what you get in the office cafeteria. You should be knowing at least one such colleague who eats only healthy food, the one that is a strict no to you. The most annoying part here is when you have to listen to what he or she has to say on healthy green food for every now and then.

People Who Annoy & Stress You At Your Workplace

Generally, all the people are blessed with diverse characters due to which they respond differently based on the scenario. But do you know the one thing that keeps everyone common! Are you thinking what it is? Well, it’s the cozy sleep on your favorite Centuary mattress which no one would love to miss every night.

People Who Annoy And Stress You At Your Workplace