Patriotic Films that you can watch on this Republic Day


Happy 72 Republic Day to all! What are your plans for today? Are looking for spending the day watching the ceremony at Red Fort? What after that? You can spend the day watching some films to highlight the occasion. Here’s a list of patriotic films to watch this Republic Day. These are some of the best Bollywood blockbusters that you can cherish on this day.

1. Border

This famous film is based on war between India and Pakistan in 1971 by J P Dutta. It is very emotionally moving flim and throws light on the difficulties and challenges that Indian soldiers had to face during the war and how they fought for the country selflessly and bravely.

2. Raazi

Starring none other than Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal in main roles. This thriller film is based on a book named Calling Sehmat. It depicts the journey of a girl named Sehmat who is married to a Pakistani army personnel to work as a spy. This showcases her determination and love for India. She is willing to risk her life for her country.

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3. Rang De Basanti

Even if you don’t watch the film, you will probably hear the famous song by the same name. Every function will play it. The film is youthful and patriotic. It shows how a group of youngsters get inspired and bring about a revolution. It makes people see the sacrifices that our nation’s freedom fighters made, their undying courage and their will power.

5. Lagaan

This film based on the time of British Rule in Indian. Lagaan literally means tax. The film shows the story of a village devoid of rains, burdened with taxes which they can’t pay. So the Village play a match against the Britishes. It will definitely put you at the end of your seat.

6.  Swades

A Shah Rukh Khan starrer. He is playing the role of a scientist working at NASA. He returns to his hometown which is a small village, to improve the living situation of the place. Again, the songs are really catchy. He finds numerous areas need attention and starts working on the loopholes of the society. He carries out various reforms in his hometown. There is a simple love story too. All in all the film shows Indian spirit unfiltered.

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7. Purab Aur Paschim

Want something from the classics section? How about one of the first patriotic films? This Manoj Kumar starrer will not disappoint you. As far as the history of Hindi cinema is concerned, Manoj Kumar had become associated with patriotic genre in films. He even derived the nickname ‘Bharat’. He also directed ‘Purab Aur Paschim’, which remains one of his most loved and evergreen nationalistic film. The famous song ‘Hai preet jahan ki reet sada’ belongs to this film.

So these are some of the best patriotic films that you can watch on 26th January. Let us keep the spirits and patriotism high in the air.