Palestine Latest News – PM survives roadside bomb Attack


The Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah had survived an assassination attempt that had taken place in Gaza earlier on Tuesday. The Authority said that his motorcade was a target of the roadside bomb. The attack had completely created a ruckus in the White House. The Palestine latest news turned out to be a reconciliation effort with Gaza’s dominant group. The White House meanwhile held a meeting on the humanitarian situation.

There was no responsibility taken up by the Palestine Authority security official in Gaza saying that it was a roadside bomb. The official also said that the second device had failed to explode. The Palestine PM bomb attack had injured six security guards.

Prime Minister Assasination Attack
Prime Minister Assassination Attack in Gaza

This was one of the biggest Palestine top stories on Tuesday. The authority here said that they viewed the accident as an attempt to stop the implementation of an agreement signed in the month of October that raised hopes of changing the economic conditions in a land of two million people.

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Few minutes after the explosion, the Palestine PM was seen unhurt, and later had delivered a speech at the inauguration of a funded wastewater plant and pledged that he would continue to pursue the Palestine unity.

The Palestine latest news on Tuesday shocked the authorities as well. The Prime Minister had also said that three vehicles had been damaged in the explosion, which had blown out the windows of one of them. The blast had left a crater by the roadside.

Palestine PM
Few minutes after the blast

Authorities said that it had held Hamas responsible for the incident near the town of Gaza, stopping short of accusing and blaming the group who had carried out the assault, but suggested that it failed to provide proper security. After further investigation on the Palestine latest news, they had found out that devices had been planted two meters deep.

Hamas and the Authority that was led by the President Mahmoud Abbas are still separated over as of how to share the power in Gaza. Hamas has taken control of Gaza in 2007

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The attack against the government is clearly an attack against the fellow Palestinian people said the Authority. In one of the statements, Hamas said the target of the PM motorcade was just an attempt to damage the Gaza security and deal it in such a way that there could be efforts for reconciliation. Security forces said they have launched an investigation and would not miss a single trace and that the search is still ongoing

PM at the inaugration
PM Rami Hamdallah at the inauguration

However, the Palestinian officials were not expected to attend the main conference. Last week the PA rejected the Invitation from the White House saying the issue in Gaza was completely political over excellence.

There were several suspects who were arrested a few hours ago, and the officials are on the search as to who had caused the explosion.