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Mysterious things of India: 10 Weird Stories


India is a hub house for many great things. The geographical area itself is varied and vibrant. There are so many things and places to visit. The food, the spices, the rivers, the great Himalayas, everything is incredible. Yet, the country isn’t without mystery. Here are some the mysterious things of India.

Twin Town:

There is a village in Mallapuram, Kerala, which has witnessed a large number of twin births. If anybody leaves the village to go to other place they also end up having twins. Scientist say that it is something to do with the chemicals in the water of this area.

Floating Pillar:

In an old temple of lord Shiva there are 70 pillars which are architectural magnificence. However they are also strikingly mysterious as they hang in the air. The pillars stand without any support. It is the temple of Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh.

Lifting Stone:

There is a 70 kg heavy stone in the shrine of Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh in Shivapur Maharashtra. This stone cannot be lifted at any cost. Exception if 11 people gather around the stone, pointing their forefingers and chanting name of the Saint who cursed the rock, it automatically rises. It is said that the Saint cursed this bodybuilding stone around 800 years back.

Door-less houses:

The town of Shingnapur in Ahmednagar Maharashtra is known for the famous Shani temple. However, there is another mysterious thing of this town. The houses in this place have no doors neither the schools or office or any kind of building. The locals believe that lord Shani protect their houses. And no doors are needed. They sleep peacefully every night without any doors. So far no crimes have been reported in the village ever.

River of Skeletons:

The Roopkund lake in the Himalayas is famous for its scenic beauty as well as the mysterious skeletons which are drowned in it. As many as 302 600 skeleton can be seen beneath the frozen surface of the lake. Radiocarbon testing have found the skeletons to date back to 15th Century A.D. the skeletons are said to belong to king and queen of Kanauj and their possession which was going on the pilgrimage but was plunged in the lake due to snowstorm.

Magnetic Hill:

About 30 km from Leh towards Kargil there is a small stretch of land which leads to the magnetic hill. The magnetic hill is 11000 feet above sea level and yet you can drive your car without any ignition. The hill automatically pulls the car towards it. Some believe that it is an optical illusion and instead of a hill it is a downward slope. This is one of the mysterious things of India.

Red Rain:

Back in 2001 Idukki in Kerala received blood red rain. It was usual monsoon time and Kerala is known to have some of the harshest monsoon experiences with frequent floods. However this phenomenon was unlike anything seen. It occurred only over a small stretch of land. It was later discovered that the Philippines’ Mayon Volcano.  Show the volcanic acidic material which might have been carried with the air could have caused the red rain.

Suicidal Birds:

There is a small town of jatinga in Assam. Every monsoon it witnesses of mysterious phenomena. Thousands of birds commit mass suicide in the town. The birds dive down from the sky to hit building, stones and trees, embracing death. This phenomenon is seen for last hundreds of years. It take place between 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the night. Nobody knows by this diurnal bird species fly at night. It is clear that the birds become disoriented over that particular strip of land and attracted to the sources of light below them shoot downwards. However, there is no factual region as to why the birds get disoriented.

Ghost Lights:

West Bengal is the state of maximum marshes. A mysterious phenomenon prevents over these marshes. It is known as Aleya Lights. This night fire lights a nightmare for fishermen as it confuses them in their route and sometimes consumes them. Scientist suggest that this is due to the ionization of methane which is is present in the marshes. Methane is flammable and it causes the light. 

Immortal Flame:

The temple of Jwala Ji at Kangra in Lower Himalayas. It is a temple of Hindu goddess Jwala Ji which is literally a flame. Unlike anything ever seen this flame has been burning since any man ever remembers. The mythical legend says that when sati burnt herself to death at her father’s house lord Vishnu divided Sati’s body into 51 parts and distributed it all over the land. The place where her tongue fell is the eternally burning flame of Jwala Ji.

So, these are some the mysterious things of India. Which one did you loved the most. Tell us in the comments.



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