We Must Protect Our Environment!


Our Hindu religion says that the human being is made up of earth, soil, air, fire and water. After death a human body will merge with these things. These are “Panch Bhoot” and human life depends on these five things for its survival. So we should respect these five things first. If you combine these five things in a single word, it would be called environment. It is not only an individual’s duty to safeguard the environment; it is everyone’s obligation too.

“Environment” means the atmosphere where we are living and we must keep it clean and healthy. We should respect it to ensure that the ecological balance stays intact. But sadly we don’t give proper attention to this matter. There are so many problems which our environment is facing today, but we notice that.

pic 1Our environment is perishing every day and we don’t have even time to think about our environment. One major victim of environment degradation is river Ganga. It is the pride of India as well as our glorious heritage. This river represents our country too. It’s very pity that people used it as garbage throwing box and dump all kinds of useless stuff here. On one hand, people worship it, but, on the other hand, they never emphasis on its protection.

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People wash clothes in auspicious river Ganga, we stay mute. They wash utensils here, we stay mute. Ganga is getting dry and getting polluted every day. I think we should think the ways by which Ganga should not be polluted. This Message should spread worldwide that Ganga should not be polluted any more.

We love our parents that are why we respect or we respect our parents that are why we love them. We share a bond with them. It is a special love and affection. Our environment or nature is like our parents. We should share a special bonding with our nature also as it gives us life. The vegetable, fruits even cereals these all are gifts of the nature. Even a glass of water or fire, we all receive these from nature. So, is it not necessary to respect our nature! Is not!


If nature is giving us so many lifesaving stuffs can’t we give them our love? If we love and respect our nature or environment, we can protect our biodiversity too. If we do not love it, we will never think to protect it. So first love and respect your nature.

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We stay busy round the clock in today’s contemporary world. Just dedicate some quality time to admire the beauty of nature. We must identify the beautiful creatures of nature and try to capture their beauty in our eyes. If we develop a special bond with nature, we can’t even imagine harming them. These lovely creatures of nature are very cute, but sadly they are getting depleting. We must do something for them.


Tigers are getting perished, Polar bears are dying! Dolphins are getting depleted, parrots are getting disappeared.

If we still do nothing on it. Only god will save us now.

1Who can forget and we should not forget the Uttarakhand flood of 2013. Probably, if we would take care of our environment, so many people would not die or dislocated. Youths must know about environment and methodology to solve environmental problems as well. It will be a wise idea if student’s even mature people should make a habit of reading environmental magazines and newspaper.

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leo40mfbWe should come together to save our environment. Even we can take inspiration from some big names. Hollywood actor Leonardo DlCaprio emphasizes on protection of the environment through his tweets and works. So many Bollywood celebrities like John Abraham, Celina Jatley, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, DiaMirza are coming towards the safeguarding animals and protecting the earth. Social reformer activist Medha Patkar did everything by which she can to save our environment. Her movement “Narmada Bachao Andolan” globally received limelight. Even Actor Aamir Khan came towards it support.

dia_mirza_2646343gSo it is crystal clear that in our world, there are so many people who want to protect our world and why not? After all environment is giving us life. So can’t we give our protection to it!