The Bollywood city, The crowd in locals, the food and much more!


The city of dreams, Mumbai leaves no room for young working professionals to organize a get together or go for a date on weekdays. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle of the people.

Stacked houses and jammed roads – that is what the city becomes after office hours. Consequently, it is a sin to think of going out to a nice food outlet to satiate the taste buds. Here the food delivery apps come to our rescue. What adds to the excitement of having food which is served hot, is the fact that some of the service providers promise a food delivery within half an hour.

Also the food is delivered by the boys on either two wheelers or bicycles (no nearby distances). In a city as crowded as Mumbai, only these vehicles can find away amidst the numerous cars and buses on the roads.

Mumbai has food outlets famous for specific menu. For instance, if a person living in Thane wants to have south Indian delicacy from far away Madras Cafe (well known and reputed place dedicated to the lovers of dosas, uttapam, idli, rasam and filter coffee) in Scion, than the best alternative is to order food online. Mumbai offers the varied taste in a cosmopolitan environment.

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Being the financial capital of the city, while it has outlets like Starbucks and bistro on one hand, it also has dedicated outlets for Thai or Italian or Lebanese cuisines. Not to forget the various traditional outlets in South Mumbai famous for the authentic food which they have preserved since ages.

The Food delivery apps, offer all the customizations, where you can choose the kind of food you want. Well packed and packed with love, in an utterly professional hospitality task, all the dilemmas end, when this food is poured into the kitchen crockery and served hot to the guests. 

In a city which has so much to offer in terms of food, the night life has another added flavor. However, many people prefer the home ambience in their comfort zone and prefer to order food online through one of the food delivery appsSurely, one can cook the food as per his/her taste.

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But how to manage a situation when an experimental cooking endeavor goes wrong or unexpected guests arrive at home. Similarly, a novice Indian Bride finds it really hard to prepare phulkas with paneer tikkas on the demand list as well. The secret recipe lies in the click of the button.

Mumbai offers you the gift of having this beside the Marine Drive or Worli Sea face. How about listening to the waves and munching the freshly cooked vegetable roll or sharing a pizza, followed by chocolate brownie. The experience can’t be compared to anything else.

What could be a better time that Good food, served hot, in the company of best pal with the soothing sounds of the sea – make the best combo. To sustain the walks and talks along with the night, the city offers coffee vendors along the road side, all night long.