How Much Water Should You Drink In A Day?


The human body comprises of around sixty percent of water. However, the body is constantly losing a huge quantity of water mainly through sweat as well as urine. There are varied opinions on the correct quantity of water that should be drunk. Most doctors, as well as health experts, recommend around eight glasses of water every day.

Eight Into Eight

The quantity equals around two litres of water which is considered to be half a gallon. It is known as the eight into eight rule and is considered to be very effective for the body.

Expert Authority Believes

There are many doctors who fear that the human body is always bordering on dehydration and hence, it is necessary to sip a lot of water all through the day, even if the body is not necessarily thirsty. However, this depends on a lot on the individual. There are many different internal as well as external factors that affect a person’s drinking routine.

More Energy

Many people believe that dehydration can cause a decrease in the energy levels as well as the brain function. However, there are many reports available to study this phenomenon. For women, it can be seen that a 1.36 percent of loss in body fluids can lead to disturbance in mood as well as concentration. It can also increase the frequency of headaches. Very mild dehydration due to heat or even exercise can result in negatively affecting various other brain functions.

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Physical Problems

There are so many serious physical issues that can surface if you do not consume ample amount of water. It takes place mostly when the body is sweating profusely such as during exercises or when it is very hot. Dehydration can also affect physical functions in a negative manner. It can even result in a reduction in endurance. Thus, dehydration may be seen to be negative for both mental as well as physical performances.

Losing Weight


Many people claim that intake of water helps in losing a lot of body weight. According to studies drinking around 500 ml of water can lead to an increase in metabolism by twenty-four to thirty percent on an average. Drinking two litres of water in a day can lead to a loss of about ninety-six calories per day. It is also better to drink cold water. Drinking cold water will make the body do more work as it will have to spend some energy in converting the temperature to that of the body.

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Reducing Calories

Drinking water at least half an hour before the start of a meal can also reduce the total number of calories that an individual consumes. Thus, on drinking five hundred ml of water before a meal, it is possible to lose around forty-four percent of body weight in twelve weeks on an approximate. Thus, drinking enough water can lead to huge loss in weight.


Preventing Health Problems

 There are so many health problems that may be prevented by drinking more water. Water intake can cure constipation which can be a very common problem for many people. Some studies show that drinking a lot of water can lower the risk of colorectal as well as bladder cancer.

Reducing Health Risks

Drinking a lot of water can also reduce the risk of having stones in the kidney. There are many reports which claim that hydrating oneself can reduce the appearance of acne and improve the quality of the skin. Many such health problems are cured by simply drinking enough water throughout the day.

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Amount Of Drinking

However, even with many benefits, it is very difficult to specify the amount of water that is perfect for an individual. In most cases, it depends on the individual. The best way to find out is to experiment. Many people function well with more water in the body. However, for others water can prove to be an inconvenience and can cause a lot of trips to the bathroom.

When To Drink

However, it should not be a matter that should be consciously thought over constantly. It is better to drink water whenever you feel thirsty. However, one should stop when they are not feeling thirsty as over drinking water can cause issues too. During hot weather as well as while exercising it is always advised to drink a lot of water to compensate for lost fluids from the body.