10 Motivational Bollywood Movies for Students


What do you think about movies?

Are they only means of entertainment, refreshment, or just time pass with some fun? Not really. Movies can be a Motivational and Inspirational source to steer you and wake you up to do something important and stand against every obstacle that comes on the way. 

It’s not sure which thing can hit you to encourage and show your perfect path for your brightest career. It can be a person, book, song, or movie, among these movies, are the best alternative. 

 Bollywood has offered so many inspirational and motivational movies for students. Sometimes students lose their hope then they should go for such movies which increase their approach towards their goal. 

It’s so boring to see such movies which don’t give any lessons. Our youth always need movies with lessons.

So let’s see the best inspirational and motivational movies which really inspired a lot.

#1 Angreji Medium(2020)

One of the best and latest movies which show the outcome of showing off. The movie revolves around an adorable life of a middle-class shopkeeper whose role is portrayed by Irfan and his daughter Tarika whose role is portrayed by Radhika Madan. A heartwarming and hilarious story of the unconditional love between a father and his daughter, a tale of unbreakable friendship and small-town obsessions with the foreign dream, ‘angrezi’ medium makes us realize that sometimes people may travel very far in search of answers that were always within them. The main storyline is to show the struggle faced by Indian parents while growing their children and support their higher education.

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#2 Chhichhore(2019)

The movie has stolen the heart of youth. The movie showed the journey of a goal is not easy but quit is not only one option. Difficulties come in life but there are always many solutions to come out from this. The guy committed suicide in the movie owing to bad marks but his parents were so supportive that he did for him as he could. Sushant Singh presented a great role in the movie as a father, who met his son with his college friends who were the worst students but in the future, they all stand a big pillar. The inspiration that we get from this movie is really praiseworthy. 

#3 Super30(2019)

Super 30 is a biographical film based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar and his educational program called Super 30. Anand Kumar is intelligent and brilliant who is inspiring the youth and he became more popular after his social welfare in which he taught 30 poor children free for qualifying competitive exams. This is a new era biopic movie for youths. Everybody must watch this movie because it is an inspiration for youths.

#4 Kabir singh(2019)

The Movie is inspirational for youths. As we know that there are two faces of coins, so from this movie if you see the good part you will surely get motivated. People crying about what “kids” will learn from this movie, they should know that it depends on a person’s perception as to what he learns while viewing art. Students can see the outcomes of wrong decisions. 

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#5 Hindi medium (2017)

As a usual Irfan Khan movie, it has a good story, well written, and very good comedy. However, the movie focuses on a certain section of society, which you could figure out from the name of the movie. The movie candidly showed the struggle of Indian parents with increasing competition in the education system and the ordeal they go through during their kid’s admission. The key is, pain is even more if you are coming from a Hindi speaking section no matter how rich you are. 

#6 Mary Kom(2014)

It’s true that “a woman becomes stronger when she becomes a mother. “An engaging sports biopic of the “Magnificent Mary” based on boxing, a time came when she had to decide her father or boxing, she chose “boxing”. This shows the focus of one’s towards their aim. Sometimes after marrying women even hesitate to study but take the lesson from this movie that if your aim is so strong then no force of air can flee it. 

#7 English Vinglish(2012)

The theme of learning English in this movie is quite appreciable. You will get the lesson from this movie that there is no age of learning, anyone and anywhere one can learn whatever they want. You will see the struggle of the woman and the passion that she never left. The female students must try this movie by which she can motivate herself while touching the feet of success. 

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#8 I am Kalam(2010)

A Biographical movie on Abdul Kalam is really an inspirational movie. Every student must watch this movie which leaves a beautiful lesson. This shows the simplicity of men along with a great mind can touch any peak of the mountain. As youth are the future of nations so must go with this movie once.

#9 3 Idiots(2009)

No doubt this is the most-watched movie among youngsters. This movie is becoming old day by day but always aware of everyone the real meaning of education. It beautifully captures the life of college students, inspirations, aspirations, and how dreams get affected by family pressure. This movie is something that has the ability to change people’s minds. It has told the true story about an engineer. It spreads a good message among students and it also depicts the life of an engineering student. 

#10 Lagaan(2001)

This is a real life-based movie or fictional which is very inspirational. Efforts and passion together to give fruitful outcomes. You will get from this movie that labor never go waste. The movie is quite good for youth who get sad while facing difficulties in the way of the goal.