5 Most Popular & Best Chewing Gum Brands in India


Chewing gums or bubble gums are one of those elements that we all have grown up chewing. It takes back to our childhood days, where colourful chewing gums, trying various flavours and playing with them, were all part and parcel of the childhood. Many people have developed this liking for chewing gums, even after they have grown up. But, the taste certainly changes. Fruity flavours switch to peppermint and menthol and other tastes for elders. However, children still like the ones that promise maximum fruity taste, blowing bubbles, and large gums that they can chew for long.

Top 5 most popular and best bubble gum brands in India.


This is one of the most popular bubble gum brands in India. A few inches long, this gum is very popular in the child gums category of the famous gum maker brand Wrigley’s. The brand ensures that the best quality product is offered to consumers. And when it comes to catering to the needs of the children, Boomer ensures that only natural colours and flavours are added to it. Its formula has intrigued kids for long.


Big Babol

Yet another chewing gum brand that has been as popular as Boomer is Big Babol from Perfetti Van Melle. This soft bubble gum has promised to offer the biggest bubbles and kids simply loved this “Bade Kaamki Cheez”. No doubt, the yummy taste of this gum has been the favourites of many kids. This one has been available in two popular flavours of India – fruit flavour and ripe mango flavour.

big-babol-Best Gum Brands

Centre Fresh and Centre Fruit

If you are looking for a gum that will give you fresh breath, then Centre Fresh, from Perfetti Van Melle is the best one for you. This one has a gel liquid-filled interior that oozes out of the gum, as you chew it. The mint flavour gives you a fresh breath and a cool feeling. The company has also come up with a new flavour of centre fruit that has a fruity taste, unlike its counterpart.

center fresh

Orbit (Sugar Free Chewing Gum)

Those who are afraid of the high sugar content in the bubble gums and chewing gums can be benefited from this particular brand from Wrigley’s. It offers a great menthol taste and a clean feeling. The best part of this gum is that it is sugar-free and hence, diabetes patients can also chew this one. As one of the best gum brands, this can give you a fresh and clean mouth, after anything that you have eaten.



If dental care is your purpose of chewing the gums, then the Happydent brand from Perfetti Van Melle is a great one. It ensures that you get a white and bright set of teeth after chewing.



These brands of gums from the many renowned candy makers and confectioners have been in existence for years. They are extremely popular amongst regular users. The best part is that the variety is so huge that you will simply be amazed to get something of your choice, amongst these gums.