Most painful fashion: 7 items every girl can relate to


Everybody wants to be fashionable and stylish. We see a lot of fashion influencers on Insta and Facebook. These people keep us updated on the latest trends. And it is natural for the onlookers to desire the same clothes and accessories. However, it is not always as fabulous as it seems. Sometimes it is unbearable pain. Here is a list of some of the most painful fashion items.


Remember, that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean- Black Pearl where in the heroine Elizabeth falls from the cliff as her corsets was very tightly wound and made her unable to breathe? She wasn’t faking it. The entire idea of corsets is to slim down the waists and give it flamboyant form. However, in these items women can barely breathe.


The name says it all. Chockers can actually restrict the blood vessels on the neck. They are coveted bands as they give a very attractive and sexy look. In addition, your neck looks long. These pieces of jewellery have a long history dating as back as 2500 BC. Sumerian artisans used to craft gold chokers. After that many centuries of women wore them. They were in trend in both royals as well as prostitutes. These are and still remain to be common women accessories. However, this bondages can be extremely tight at times restricting blood and air flow.

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Those long glittering gowns in various shades makes everyone crave. However, they are not very comfortable to wear. Sequins do give a look of glamour and high end fashion from outside whilst killing you from inside. They can scratch your skin, cause rashes and itching. Let’s just say it’s always a welcome relief to be out of them at the end of the party.


Every women and girl has worn heels at least once in her lifetime and gone through the hellish experience of walking on nails. Pain due to heels is not such a secret. Also, it is well known that heels aren’t so good for our back. But it is also true that no girl can survive without heels. What’s more? They will always continue to buy new ones. It is an item that is both most hated and most craved at the same time.

Headbands and Hats

Headbands can make women look cute and hats give an elegant aura. That’s the face value of it. I reality they did that along with giving a good head ache. Not to mention, hair damage and hair fall too. These head accessories are made to sit tightly around the skull. There is no way of creating an allowance for these elastics and they hurt like hell.


Synthetic Leather and Rubber dress.

This tight fitting and body hugging clothes are another items with zero allowance for the skin and body hair. Friend’s fans will remember how Ross’s plan backfires when he tries the leather pants. The Kardashian sister especially carry this items well. Although, it must require a lot of self-control as these dress don’t allow your skin to breathe. Claustrophobics should never try this painful fashion.

Hair pins/ U pins

The retro era of Bollywood is predominantly ruled by buffet hairstyles of actress. However, the hair dressing took hours and a lot of U pins and hair clips had to be literally poked in aggressively in the hair. The modern hairstyles and hair buns too require them. Although in much smaller number. These U pins are extremely uncomfortable not only to wear but to remove as well. When they are pulled out, hair strands come out with them and any mistake can also draw blood.

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So these were the list of 7 most painful fashion items. Every girl can at least relate to one of this. Mention your experience in the comment section.