Most hilarious media headlines: 12 pieces of news


The status of the media is a debatable topic. A lot of people believe it as an essential source of information. Yet, many consider it as a sham for selling out wrong things. Both the sides have some truth in it. However, the media connects the world. With the new age of the internet, the responsibility has increased ten-fold. Yet, sometimes you come across some news pieces, articles or blog that make you do a double-take at what you are reading or watching. Sometimes media headlines (either due to typing mistakes or some confusion or maybe for no reason at all) are some of the funniest lines. They are dank funny. Here are some of the hilarious media headlines that question the existence of common sense among the masses.

1. Police case filed after cartoon character shinchan tops BSc Honours in Bengal College.

Any Shinchan fans in the house? It’s time to rejoice.

2. Passenger opens an emergency exit and casually takes a stroll on the plane wing because she feels hot.

I think they forgot to mention something like ‘In her dreams’ or ‘In a cartoon’ or ‘In a South Indian movie’. Jokes apart, but there are some South Indian movies which do deserve Oscars.

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3. Hitman hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman who hires hitman who tells police.

Is it just me or did you see ‘who hires hitman’ more than once? This is undoubtedly a silly mistake, and the editor forgot to proofread the copy. It’s hilarious none the less.

4. NC Man Hits 2 Deer with New Car, Then Hits $2 Million in Lottery.

The apt reply to this circumstance would be “Congratulations, now let’s take you to the prison.”

5. Man marries two women in five days in MP, caught after relatives send pics to the first wife.

Not relatives deserve to be invited to your wedding. This is the reason why.

6. Losing job during the lockdown, Maharashtra woman marries 3 men in 3 months, flees with jewellery.

This is the reason why the authorities need to take the problem of unemployment more seriously.

7. Man marries both his girlfriends in the same mandap in front of 500 people, says couldn’t betray them.

It’s his choice. If all three are happy, it should trouble anyone.

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8. Icecream in North China test positive for coronavirus over 1000 people asked to Quarantine.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone, should it?

9. In today’s WTF news, mangoes to cops to file a complaint against tailor for stitching short underwear.

Next time maybe he should buy a ready-made one. Saves a lot of trouble.

10. Confused jealous wife stabs husband after seeing her younger self in old photos.

How much dumb you got to be to do that? Or maybe she has tonnes of make-up on and couldn’t recognise herself- quite a possibility.

11. Snake used as a face mask on the bus.

Oh okay, I am trying to imagine that. Hope the snake isn’t Covid-19 positive.

12. Father cheats in ludo game; daughter approaches the court.

Impressive! If only everyone took honesty so severe, the world would become a better place.

So, these are the hilarious media headlines that question the existence of common sense among the masses. Hope you had fun reading them.