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Top Most Expensive Bottled Water In The World.


Water is the most affordable thing on our planet, Probably you will get it for free. But not these exquisite products. These are the most expensive water bottles in the world which prices range far away from the price of an ordinary  water bottle. These exorbitant prices may be less affordable, but contains the purest form of Water.

Have a Sip of Most expensive bottled water in the world.

1.Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

 This is the Most Expensive water bottle which costs $60,000 made of 24 karat gold packed win a leather pouch. This bottle was designed by Fernando Altamirano of Tequila Ley fame.


2.Kona Nigari Water

This Japanese water bottle is made from desalinated sea water extracted from the deep sea of Hawaii islands. The packing is simple but effective in improving skin tone, helps in weight loss reduction. They price is about $402 per 750 ml


Filicio has a crown at the top which resembles The King of the Chess board. It’s made by a Japanese firm. This Royal looking water bottle costs about $219 per 750 ml.

4.Bling H2O

This is a most expensive bottled water which a shiny  Swarovski crystals on the outer surface on the bottle. The shape resembles the bottle of Champagne. 750 ml of water prices about $40.


This aqua company belongs to Finland which offers pure and fresh water in the world in many additional flavors. It costs about $23 per 750 ml.

6. 10 Thousand BC.

This Most expensive bottled water grabs your attention with its  classy design. The water is obtained from a distant place in Canada, which takes 3 days to travel to the infiltration plant. The water is very pure as they are untouched and unpolluted. Their price range from $14 per 750 ml.

7.Aqua Deco

Some Canadian untouched natural springs are the main source of this Most Expensive Bottled Water.The company won an award for  best non-carbonated spring water in 2007. They cost about $12 per 750 ml.

8.Lauquen Artes Mineral Water.

This is one fo the purest water which is untouched even by Air, obtained from an aquifier at a depth of 1500 feet. This is Most Expensive Bottled Water which prices about $6 per 750 ml.

9.Tasmanian Rain

This water is directly collected from the rain in the Tasmanian islands of Australia. They are directly  collected in bottles , then processed and sold.  The cost of bottled water is $5 per 750 ml.


Water in these most expensive water bottle is sourced from Underneath the Fiji mountain, which is a source for many freshwater lakes. A single unit cost about $5 per 750 ml which are extracted from 600m underneath the mountain belt.



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