Modern Kitchen Design Trends: What Does 2022 Have In-Store?


If you like cooking, you understand how important it is to have a kitchen that suits your needs. A cluttered, unorganized kitchen can make preparing meals a nightmare for even those who enjoy cooking. This is why it is essential to make sure that your kitchen is neat and organized and brings joy to your daily cooking chores. 

For this, you need to keep a few factors in mind while designing your kitchen. Your take on the modern kitchen ideas should be such that it looks beautiful and practical enough to suit your requirements. This idea has driven the majority of the modern kitchen design trends of 2021. Let’s look at these trends and understand how you can design your kitchen in the best way possible. 

Go For Golden

While stainless steel has always been a kitchen staple, gold accents are becoming immensely popular in modern kitchen designs. This is the perfect way to add chic glam to your kitchen and bring in a warm, homey vibe to it. You can introduce golden elements through lights, cabinet handles or even water taps. 

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However, you must remember to stick to a consistent theme, and if you’re opting for metallic gold accents, they must be used all across your kitchen design. 

Natural Light Is A Must

While natural light is excellent for your entire house, it becomes all the more important for your kitchens. Large open windows are a big part of modern kitchen designs as they let natural light pour in. This is important because natural light brings positivity, which is very critical in your kitchen. 

Pick The Warm Glow

Warm colours bring cosy and homily to space, so they are trendy in modern kitchen designs. You can choose colours like warm browns, taupe, or even yellow to bring in the sense of warmth and comfort to your kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets are often spotted in these vibrant, warm hues. 

Choose A Fun Corner

If you’re choosing warm subdued colours for your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. The best way to achieve a fun look is to create a small accent corner in your kitchen that brings a splash of colour and personality to your space. Similarly, this could be a textured corner, a coloured wall, or an accent cabinet for your modern kitchen cabinets. Use this space to get innovative and let your creativity grow wings. 

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Choose Your Flooring Wisely

While aesthetic flooring is the perfect way to add personality to your kitchen, you must also remember to make it practical. 

Light glossy flooring might look excellent at first, but it is easy to get stained in the kitchen. This is why modern kitchen designs are featuring flooring options with a yellow undertone to conceal stains effectively and keep your kitchen looking clean and beautiful for long. 

So, these were our tips to help you get the trendiest and the most practical modern kitchen design. Many fantastic interior design brands like Livspace can help you transform your kitchen into an organizers heaven. However, it is a great idea to get in touch with an expert to give your kitchen a professional makeover. 

Livspace is one of the most well-known interior design firms that has made its mark in the industry by offering best in class design services. Be it products like modern kitchen cabinets, or guidance with modern kitchen ideas, or a complete redesign for your home, they provide you with the most state-of-the-art services that can help you transform your home into your sanctuary that reflects your taste style. 

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