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Memorable proposals in Movies. You can do the same.


The Valentine’s week has officially begun. Are you planning a proposal on 14th Feb? Nervous? No idea what you could do? Well then why don’t you look up for ideas on the movies and shows? Here’s a list of the most memorable proposals in Movies and Shows.

1. Melanie Andrew in Sweet Home Alabama.

This is one of the most unpredictable proposals in which Andrew takes Melanie to the ring store (Tiffany’s) in dark. She has no idea until the lights flick on and he proposes asking her to pick any ring of her choice.

2. Isabel and Luke in Stepmom.

This is one of the most meaningful proposals if not fancy one. Luke proposes to Isabel with a ring box full of thread spools and a ring. Asking her never to give up on each other, even if it’s only by a thread.

3. Jamie and Aurélia in Love Actually.

Jamie falls for his house keeper Aurélia who is Portuguese. They can’t speak the same language but when Jamie proposes in Portuguese, Aurélia accepts English.

4. Margaret and Andrew in The Proposal.

Margaret and Andrew are co-workers. When it comes to proposing this is one of the most simplest and straightforward proposals. Andrew shouts ‘Marry me because I would like to date you’ in front of the whole office.

5. Robbie and Juila in The Wedding Singer.

If you are a good singer you should go for the proposal with a song just like Robbie does it. He sings ‘I wanna grow old with you’ for Julia.

6. Jhonny and June in Walk the Line.

Jhonny has tired 40 different ways already. However nothing pleases June until he stops singing in mid concert and asks again with a determined saying, ‘Sorry folks I can’t do this song anymore unless she is gonna marry me.’ So much pressure.

7. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.

This is one of the most emotional proposals in which Mr. Darcy, who is not so good at sharing his feelings opens up to Elizabeth becoming completely vulnerable and asking her to end his agony. If you are a shy person you should try to pull a Mr. Darcy.

8. Jamie and Landon in A Walk to remember.

It was indeed a walk to remember. Landon takes Jamie, suffering from cancer, on a walk. They watch the skies through telescope and then Landon asks her the question. Such a simple and beautiful way to propose.

9. Neil and Beth in He’s just not that into you.

Neil slips a ring box in Beth’s pant pockets quietly without telling her and then he asks her to check the pocket. Her expressions are just priceless.

10. Edward and Bella in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Edward asks the permission of Bella’s father to propose to his daughter. He proposes with his mother’s ring.

11. Johnny and Loretta in Moonstruck.

They are in a restaurant and he says “Have some dessert….Will you marry me?” “Can you kneel down?”  She asks. When he kneels she says “Where’s the ring?” He doesn’t have one. So she suggests him to use his pinkie finger instead. He does and says “On my knees, in front of all of these people, will you marry me?” She says yes and everyone cheers.

So these are the most memorable proposals in Movies and Shows. Which one are you going to try? All the best!



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