With the conditions and safety of Indian roads depleting with every passing day, it becomes essential to stay vigilant. With the emergence of gangs like ‘Thak-Thak Gang’ in India, the safety of your loved ones is always a priority. Even hiring a chauffeur is redundant as they are unreliable and can misuse your vehicle behind your back. 

Even when it’s your family behind the wheel, especially you teenager, you need to be assured that no harm comes to them. This can only be achieved by equipping your car with the best car location tracker in India. These devices are omnipresent and provide car owners a peace of mind when it comes to their vehicle’s and family’s security. 

There’re many car location trackers in India that claim to be the best in the market. However, it’s crucial that you equip your vehicle with a device that comprises of features that can solve the challenges of today’s modern times. Make sure that you look for these features while buying a car location tracker in India.


Features You Need in Your Car Security System


  • Dual Camera


Most car location trackers in India are equipped with cameras that only record video footage through the windshield of the vehicle. This feature does come in handy when it comes to tracking and procuring video footage of the previous trips made and tracking the whereabouts of the vehicle. However, with this feature, you don’t get to know about the activities that occur inside the vehicle. Your chauffeur could be misusing your vehicle by boarding people without you ever finding out. To avoid such situations, make sure your car security system has the feature of a dual camera that captures video of both, inside and outside the vehicle. 



  • Two-Way Audio System


Mobile phones are one of the main distractions when it comes to driving, they have claimed many lives in the past. According to research conducted by Vodafone in 2017, distracted drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident than the focused ones. For a smooth back and forth conversation with the person behind the wheel, you need to have two-way audio and speaker system in your car security system. This feature will ensure that you can reach the driver efficiently without them having to go through the trouble of picking up the mobile.



  • Over Speeding Alert


With most Car Location Trackers in India, there is no way to ensure that your teen or chauffeur isn’t over speeding the vehicle. It is highly unlikely that you would track every second of the trip through the video feature as you have other priorities as well. You need a smart device that would send out notifications to your mobile when the speed on your vehicle goes over the limit.



  • Storage Backup


The most significant issue in almost every car location tracker in India is that they lack storage space. These devices have little to no memory backup or space to save the video data to access in the future. It is essential to get a car security device that has ample storage space and the feature to save trip footage on your mobiles. 



  • Device Hampering Alert


The downside of most of GPS Car Location Trackers in India is that they can easily be disconnected or hampered. This can disrupt keeping track of the trips taken and is an easy way for the person behind the wheels to take advantage of your vehicle. While buying a security device for your car, make sure that it comes with smart alerts that notify you when the device is rebooted, blacked out, or plugged out. 


Equip Your Car with The Best Security System

With so many threats on the Indian roads these days, you need a security device that ensures you, your vehicle and your loved ones are safe and secure. The device must provide 360-degree protection, should be easy to install, and be technologically advanced. One such device that consists of features that not only cater to all your pain points and more is KENT CamEye. This device is the best in the market as it is omnipresent and has features like smart alerts, video live streaming, dual camera, two-way audio, cloud data backup, over speeding alert, and lots more. This easy to install device can be ordered straight to your doorsteps from Amazon India to make your and your family’s commute safer. Before you buy any other car security device, consider this one first as this next-gen device is the most reliable and trustable one.