Longest surviving species, all the way from Prehistorics


Jurassic Park movies had been a part of our memorable childhood. The prehistoric Earth before man ever existed, has always been a subject of curiosity and fascination. We know that majority of the things and life forms that ruled the prehistoric earth are now gone. Get some have endured the test of time and still wander amongst us. Here’s a list of the longest surviving species still seen today. Many of them come from the prehistoric times.


The spooky looking, fish eating crocodile is one of the longest surviving species of the planet. Sometimes it is also called as gavial and this species have lived for ten millions of years. However, it is endangered and is on its way to be extinct until aggressively producing. The ICUN has listed it in the critically endangered list. They are found in the Indian Subcontinent.

Komodo Dragon

These giant lizards are native to Indonesia. Their entry into this list has been quite recent. It was some years ago when scientists found their fossils in Australia. They dated as long back as 4 million years. These lizards are venomous and attack humans. So you better stay away from them.

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Shoebill Stork

This bird is both old in reality and in appearance as well. With grey feathers and wide beak it looks almost angry always. These to are in the vulnerable to extinction list of the UN. It is primarily due to poaching.

Bactrian Camel

This is also known as two humped camel. It is very popular medium of transport in Middle East. They are a mix of IIama and Chewbacca. They are 2 million year old. These species too is listed under the critically endangered list of IUCN.


Echidnas look like a cross between procupine and an ant eater. They are another mammals that lays eggs instead of giving birth to young ones. Just like the Platypus. They live a nocturnal life and enjoy solitude.

Musk Ox

These fierce animals have come a long way of 12900 years. They are found in colder regions and are known for their brutal fighting skills.


These are beautiful and noble creatures that freely roam on the streets of Peru. They are similar to Alpaca in looks. However, the fur coat is different.

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Babirusa are very fierce and irritable pigs. They have big tusks that can reach their foreheads. They are the animals you find in the cave paintings.


These animals also look like a pig. However, they have a trunk like the man eater. They walk underwater to pass time with their trunks up in air like the elephant’s. They have come a long way of 23 million years.

White Rhinos

This shouldn’t be surprising considering how much these creatures look like the Centrosaurus. The white Rhinos have dino written all over them. However, they too face extinction because of poachers.

Polar Bear

These animals come right from the ice age. They have live for 120000 years but face extinct. We all know and contribute to the reason for their extinction.

So these are the longest surviving species that have come a long from prehistoric to modern time. They have reinstated Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest by constantly adapting.