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Make The Best Of Your Long Hair With Sublime Styles


Long hair is the synonym of versatility. By all means, you can do anything with long hair and even casual styles look exceedingly beautiful if you know how to pull it off. Here are some of the best hairdos tailor-made for those gifted with long hair-

The Simple Chignon

The Simple Chignon

If you have long hair to manage before going to the office and you have woken up late, then this is the style you should adopt. All you need is two bobby pins, and you can tie your hair into a simple fold.

The Hunny Bun

The perfect bun for all women, this hairdo is ideal for summer and goes well with any dress. A tie can help you keep your bun in shape and also use hairspray if need be to keep it tight.

Cute Wavy Hair

Another hair style that is only possible if you have long hair, such bouncy hair is easily achieved using a hair straightening machine and some wraps. Just wrap your hair in numerous folds and then use a straightening machine to achieve the look.

Vixen Hairdo

This is surely for a classy party as it goes well all sorts of gowns. It looks sleek, and you may need the help of a stylist. Create two sets of hair using pins crisscrossing each other and then make the ponytail.

Tuck And Cover Hairstyle

It is for controlling your long hair when you are working. Just use a bandana and tuck your hair into it and it looks supremely cute on younger people.

Twisted Pony

One for the matured ladies, this is ponytail with a little extra. Pull your hair to a side and then twist it the usual way. It gives a classic careless look and works well in the loud parties.

Half Up Half Down Hairdo

If you have flowing hair, then this hairstyle can look incredibly beautiful. Suits perfectly with long dresses and all you need to do is, tie a single braid like a tiara. You can even try this as your wedding hairstyle.


It is another interesting and typically modern variation of the ponytail. Use mousse to create two bands of hair and then create the ponytail by the side by tying a nice knot.

Twisted Bun

A very simple hairdo when you need to manage your long hair quickly, especially during the grueling summer heat, this bun can be easily achieved by tying the knotted hair straight up your temple.

The Slick Black Ponytail

A remarkably simple and yet widely used hairdo, this ponytail is simply stunning with any classic dress. Tying your hair has never been easier.

Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

It is an unusual bit of style since you need to create a braid and a ponytail separately. So, you can use the braid to wrap around the ponytail. You can try this country girl look with any vintage dress.

Up-Do And Bangs

Another hairstyle that combines two different styles, this hairdo is all about creating bangs and then using it to tie up your flock of hair. It looks fantastic if you have a bright hair colour, especially during spring.

Twice Passed Chignon

While this may seem a bit complicated because you need to have a firm grasp on your hair as well as use the bobby pin quickly right after you complete the second pass, it is very easy and goes well with a vintage look.

The Infinity Low Do

The name is derived from the fact that you cannot locate the beginning or end of the knots. The drier the hair, the better this style can be achieved. A perfect fit for all formal occasions, it also creates an air of mystery.

Super Long Ponytail

Among the many hairstyles, this probably is a favourite of the many celebrities. It can be used to create many kinds of impressions and works well for thick hair. In fact, the volume it produces gives you an air of authority. However, women with straight locks can have difficulty achieving this.

Twist And Flip Bun

A perfect fit for all formal affairs including dinners and events, the bun is very simple, elegant, easy to achieve and looks gorgeous with any hair accessory.



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