Lockdown Bride: Make a Style Statement with Matching Masks to your Bridal Outfit


COVID-19 pandemic has changed the conventional ways of doing most of the work. For example, employees are now working from home, and weddings are no more large-scale events. As per the government guidelines, no wedding event is allowed to host more than 50 people. Plus, the present guests should wear masks and should be checked for any symptoms. Though these all factors are taken into account only for people’s safety, they have actually created a problem for brides. If your wedding is planned during this lockdown, then you know this plain. Being a bride, you are the center of attention of your wedding events. That is why you have to look into every aspect of your appearance.

This pandemic regulations have added to your trouble by making masks compulsory. Now, you have to look for a suitable mask just like you look for bridal gowns. To make it easy for you, we have brought here a few mask trends. These will help you make a style statement with your masks like some of the brides already did. 

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The Matching Mask

The very first trend that can be seen in masks, with or without a wedding, is the matching ones with the attire. You can pick the same fabric as your lehenga, or you can use any leftover fabric from the outfit. Also, remember to get a matching mask for your groom as well according to his attire. 

The Normal Mask

If you want to keep it simple with the mask, opt for the usual mask but get the same for everyone. It will keep things looking organized, and the pictures will look amazing. You will not have to make any efforts here. Leave everything on your photographer, as they will get the perfect shots on perfect moments. 

The Glittery Mask

The one thing that can never go out of trend from Indian weddings is glitter. This sparkly element can be found everywhere, from dress to jewelry to accessories. So, why not you add it to your mask? You can get a classic golden color glitter mask, or you can opt for a complementary color according to your bridal saree or lehenga. It will look simply fabulous with your wedding outfit. 

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The Lace Mask

If your wedding attire is full of laces, then a mask made from lace would look amazing. A lace mask will also go with solid bridal gowns or sarees. They will add that little spark element in your look. The best part is that you can even make this at home by adding some lace on the usual mask. 

Points To Consider

Masks are the new element that you can experiment with. There are no specific standards regarding masks, and you can go anywhere you want with them. Maybe your chosen mask would become the next trend. So, go on and try whatever you want. But remember that the mask would cover your face. Therefore, the makeup you choose for your big day should go with it.