Literacy Rate in India According to The States


The literacy rate is determined as the number of educated persons among individuals of 7 years and above. Somebody who can write and read an easy statement in any language with awareness is considered literate in surveys of NSS.

The National Statistical Office (NSO) announced a report on ‘Household Social Consumption: Education’, researching 1.13 lakh families spread over 8,000 villages and 6,000 urban areas. The announcement is based on the data obtained between 2017-18 and is for the duration group 7 and above. According to the report, Kerala is the most educated state in the country. Andhra Pradesh has occurred as the least educated state in India.

About the International Literacy Day 

International Literacy Day was celebrated on 8th September. It was started in 1996. The purpose of celebrating the day was to enable literacy across the work. The year 2009-10 was also declared as the Literacy Decade. In the formerly published census by the NSO (National Statistical Office), India has expressed remarkable development in its literacy rates in rural and urban areas. While Kerala has long sustained its leading position in the duration of literacy rates. Delhi has also indicated a remarkable development in its literacy rate. Delhi has a literacy rate of 88.7 per cent. It stands the second position in the literacy rate, which Uttarakhand followed has a literacy rate of 87.6, and Himachal Pradesh has a literacy rate of 86.6 per cent. The state-wise literacy rate as per the Household Social Consumption, Education’ report.

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According to the Survey Boards 

Across the board, the literacy rate of males in the country is much greater at the rate of 84.7% than the female literacy rate of 70.3%. The literacy rates in the urban population were better at 87.7%, which is better than the rural area at the literacy rate of 73.5%. However, in urban regions, female literacy rates are lower than male literacy rates.

Literacy Rate Per State According to The Reports

  1. Kerala has a literacy rate of 96.2%, which is the highest literacy rate among all states of India.
  2. Delhi stands second and has a literacy rate of 89%.
  3. Uttarakhand stands at the third position and has a literacy rate of 87.6%, while Assam stands at the fourth position with a literacy rate of 85.9%.
  4. Karnataka and Telangana have a literacy rate of 72.8% and 77.2%, respectively, lower than the national average. 
  5. Andhra Pradesh has a literacy rate of 66.4%.
  6. The difference between the male and female literacy rate in Kerala is 2.2%. 
  7. The difference between the male and the female literacy rate in all Indian levels is 14.4%. The female literacy rate is 70.3%, while the male literacy rate is 84.7%.
  8. The state of Kerala has a literacy rate of 1.9%. It has the lowest gap between the rural and urban areas.
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