List of Top Investment Banking Companies in India.


An investment banking company  is  a financial institution, which finances the  major capital requirements of the business enterprises.

These organizations assist the  governments, huge corporations and even small  individuals in raising  their assets by acting as an agent of the client for issuing securities. They even assist companies indulged in Mergers and Acquisitions and offer ancillary services.We provide the List of Top Investment Banking Companies in India.


1 – JPMorgan Chase :

Chase & Co. is the leading and  one among the  oldest financial service provider companies in the world. It is thriving in financial and the largest market capitalization  business and  has third largest deposit base in U.S. banking.  The presence of this investment bank company in India provides the clients in the country with a  wide range of financial services, which include a fine blend of  specialized local knowledge and successful  leadership positions in multiple business lines.


2 – Goldman Sachs :

It is respected and well known in the international investment banking services. It offers services like investment banking, securities services, investment management. This firm offers excellent advisory services on mergers and acquisitions with innovative strategies.


3 – Bank of America Merrill Lynch :

 This  international financial services and banking corporation is the 4th biggest American bank with regards to market capitalization and offers  services  in at least 150 countries.



4 – Morgan Stanley :

This  global financial service provider operates in 36 countries around the globe. It’s  the fast-growing firm and  offers an array of services related to financial investments. This  firm in India is based in New York.


5 – Citigroup :

They have an outstanding  200 million customer base in more than 100 countries. It was  founded in the year 1812 it has come a long way to making its presence felt in the global financial market.


6 – Deutsche Bank :

 They started their operations in India in the year 1980 one of the leaders in  global investment bank services. It employs more than 4000 thousand people and widely spread in India.


7 – Credit Suisse :

This financial firm was  founded by Alfred Escher in 1856 under the name Schweizerische Kreditanstalt. It is organized into three divisions, Investment Banking, Private Banking, and Asset Management.  Shared Services, which includes functions such as IT, marketing and legal/compliance, encompasses all three major areas.


8 – Barclays Capital : 

It is the second largest bank in the United Kingdom with 300 years of history. It has extended its services to  retail and commercial banks, credit cards, wealth management and investment management 


9 – UBS :  

It is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland  with a significant presence in the United States of America and it has couple of offices in our country


10 – Wells Fargo :

Though it has very little presence in India, it is a well-established  monetary services providers in the United States of America. It is  widespread across the globe with 6000 retail branches with about 160,000 employees serving more than 23 million people.