Life is nothing without LOVE. So people,start loving.



Love, this four-letter word expressed in many ways. Can be through gifts, or through words, or through messages what not. But what is the main thing that is to be understood while we love someone?

Loving someone just doesn’t mean texting with that single person alone from morning to evening. It is difficult to explain in words what love exactly is.



How do we know that we love someone? How do we understand whether it is love or infatuation? What is the belief that the person we love isn’t cheating on us?

Many questions but no single answer because as told before love is not easy to be explained.


Let me start it with a simple example of one of my friend:

She was in 10th when the boy whom she loved was elder to her like he completed his intermediate course. They met accidentally but not directly. They bought themselves together through mobile phone. Of course, they were close enough just through phone like speaking from morning to evening. But suddenly one day all of that feelings, all of that care vanished.

The real reason was fear that made them far. That boy wanted to meet her but she is a girl who can’t even speak properly to boys. She wanted to meet him but fear made her not to meet. Finally, they ended up broken and moving far away in lives.

She was doomed that she lost control over everything. Her studies was ahead but she was really out of her own control.

After 4 years, one day suddenly she received a message from that same person whom she loved. The message was just a “hi”.

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She thought it was by mistake message. Because it is most common excuse. But to her surprise it was real.

She was really happy with that single message. They spoke for maybe about 2 months as friends and they are now in a happy relationship.

The only thing I wanted to share about this example is not the story how they fell in love, but it is just the way they are brought together even after 4 years of gap.

Did it happen to anyone who is reading this? Did you feel the same way my friend felt while she received the message second time?

From then I started to believe that the love that gets back to us for the second time is worth a lot.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Relationship:




1.The way we behave towards the person we love is important to be noted. As known very well friendship is the first stage for many of the lovers now-a-days.

In detail suppose we love a person we start being caring towards them without our own knowledge. Maybe we don’t think about it then but after few days at least you start wondering why am I being this way towards him/her. Don’t think too much nobody is a fool to behave that way towards any person. You definitely love them.

2. Second thing is the most important thing we need to understand what is the reason we like that person. Is it the outside beauty or the inner nature? Because beauty never lasts for behaviour lasts forever. Do not fall for outside beauty who knows whether they like you or fooling you.

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3.  Some people start changing themselves for the sake of their loved one’s. Are you one of them? Try to think about your relation twice then because the person who loves you cares for you never put their interests to be followed by you. The real lover starts liking you like the way you are. Never change yourself for anyone.

4. When you have a confidence on your love never make it late to express your feelings because you may not know what’s going on in their life.

5. Fighting is common while loving someone endlessly because we get too caring while sometimes that care comes out as anger. Never mind people, because only a person who loves you so much can start arguing with you from morning to evening.

But I bet they don’t end up with a break-up because true love never breaks it just gets stronger and better each and every day.



1. Never cheat in a relationship. No one is a toy to play with when you are bored and thrown away when you are fed-up. Before loving a person try to know whether you are the only person he/she loves or there is a waiting list. Because when they cheat you or starts loving two people at a time point of comparison arises. They compare you that other person for each and everything.

2. Do not fall for luxuries because maybe they last for time being but not forever.

3. Do not control your own self-esteem because the person you love is also a human being and is same as you but never different or special. He/She isn’t a piece fallen from sky just for you. So, never put your head down or never try doing things that make you feel frustrated.

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Love is a feeling but not irritation.

4. Age, height, complexion is neither a measure for how much you are loving your lover or a reason for loving. It maybe difficult to explain why you love someone but do have a answer for yourself because you never fall for someone without a reason.

5. When the person you loved so much leave you, you don’t have to forget your life and abilities. Because there needs to be love in life but love is never the life. Maybe you were not meant to be together or there maybe someone else for you. Have a positive nature but never become too obsessed with love.



As we know Love makes life beautiful but life is not completely love. Try getting grip on the feelings you have on people. Understand whether it is liking or friendly relation. You can never risk your life for the sake of anyone.

Nobody have a right to take their life for the sake of anyone. Life is more important that many things in this world.

When you don’t have a lover or boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mean you are waste. Nobody can show the loving and caring nature towards you like your parents. Do not forget them when you receive so much care from them.