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Foreign wives will now cost a lot in Saudi Arabia – affects of crude oil price slash – New laws in Saudi Arabia!


The down slash of crude oil prices has affected the Gulf countries adversely. The countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and Oman which are well known for the luxuries are slowly taking care about economical discipline and reducing the unnecessary luxuries. This trend is not only seen in middle class but also in the upper middle class families (an upper middle class is at least a millionaire in Saudi Arabia). The governments are also imposing various tasks on their own citizens and as well to foreigners who works in the country. The Saudi Arabia has taken a step forward and is going to charge higher taxes from foreigners when compared to their citizens. This act is going to cost the people who is practicing polygamy (having more than one or more wives or husbands) in the country where it is very common. The acts were not only a pain but also depicts the King’s vision is slowly reducing the benefits to the common people. Here are the new rules and laws which were taken by Saudi Arabia’a king to implement in the country.

Having a foreigner wife will now cost a lot.

Polygamy is extremely practiced in the gulf countries where the people follow a specific religion more. According to the religion they can marry more than one wife with the permission of the existing wife. Each person has to pay the tax and the tax is actually a little low to foreigners when compared to the local citizens according to the old laws. King’s new law now states that the foreigners has to pay 14000 Riyals which is almost 50% more taxed than the country citizen. Usually almost every man in the country will have 2 wives and some even possess 10 wives. They marry people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries mostly. So this new law is going to cost the sheiks a bomb and already many people started to send their wives back to their homes in their countries.


Visiting Saudi Arabia is a costly affair now – A big setback to the labors from other countries

Saudi Arabia has increased the Visa fees by 8 times. If you want to visit the country with a six months one time entry VISA you have to pay 800 US dollars and for multiple entries and exits for a two year duration Visa you have to pay 8000 dollars which use to be 1050 dollars in the past. They have also made the no duty stores collect taxes on the items they sell and very soon they are going to increase the airport usage charges which would indeed make the entry more expensive. The effect of this Visa price hikes is going to be a burden for the people who goes to Saudi from the countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in search of labor jobs in construction fields.

Huge Traffic fines, hiking the daily needs prices.

If someone is caught violating the traffic rules they have to pay a whopping 28,000 Riyals as fine which is 10 times more than the old fine. The prices for daily water, sanitation and gas for home use were hiked too much. The government has reduced the amount spending on the welfare of people by 5% and the price for the drift racing which is a very famous sporting in the country where people come from other countries to watch and participate in this sport has to pay a bomb.

Why is this sudden change for?

The king has spent 30 crore dollars on his daughter marriage. It would be quite a surprise for people why would king impose more taxes for a rich country like Saudi Arabia. However, the king’s government backs these decisions as a precaution for the unstable economy which was hit by the price drop down of crude oil in the international market. However the OPAC countries has now agreed to reduce the crude oil production. This act could be a breath taking for the countries like Saudi Arabia who is slowly facing the effect of crude oil price drop down.
So Saudi Arabia is soon going to be a big burden for the foreigners where 9 out of 10 jobs were done by them. What is your take on this situation? Comment below.



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