The latest cringe pop-star – Dhinchak Pooja


Needless to say, India got its own Taher Shah! This cringe pop-star succeeded annoying people by her unique voice (Note: that’s what she claims!). There is a popular saying “It gets better with time” However, for her, this is nowhere applicable! As long as you’re not living in Stone Age yet, you’ll know who “Dhinchak Pooja” is! If not, allow us to enlighten you!!

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She is beautiful, dynamic, and can teach us a thing or two about not giving a damn about trivial things such as aesthetics, propriety, and a sense of rhythm in music.

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We couldn’t trust our eyes when we saw she is trending yet again! After “Daaru” – the title ought to have been cautioning enough, as Puritans, teetotallers and elders have disclosed to us consistently to avoid the hangover. In any case, we just went right ahead and hit the play, and what hit us from there on has incited such a difficult aftereffect, that no measure of dark espresso or squeezed orange will work ponders at any point in the near future! And of course, how can we forget “Swag wali topi”?

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She is the one who can give the likes of Taher Shah a run for the money! This time, Dhinchak Pooja has released her latest profound, thought-provoking, and aesthetically pleasing music video. She has such an impeccable potency to get lakhs of followers with the same and her latest brain-freezing song “selfie maine le li aaj” would leave you numb, that’s the least anyone could say!! Because of you people, this song is trending on YouTube at 28 although she posted that only on 14th of May and her fame had grown leaps and bound!

In any case, sadly or not, the prominence of Dhinchak Pooja is the run of the mill case of “guilty pleasure.” The self-acclaimed singer has been broadly trolled and criticized, and which what her fame is made of as well. What’s more, let us get straight to the point when we mean fame, we are not discussing a couple of thousands.

She has 50k plus subscribers on YouTube. On the platform her Daaru video has more than 3 million views, her Swag Wali Topi video has more than 1.6 million views, and the current Selfie Maine Leli Aaj with over an astounding 11 million views with most of those views coming from friends who trolls each other on social media and unfortunately some from genuine curiosity! However, the mockery has dependably been a crucial factor in her ubiquity.

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This music (if you can think in such way) has deeply affected all our lives. It teaches us that “Haters be hating'” is a perfectly prompt reason to whatever the nine Hells you feel like doing!

The FAKE concert

There was cause for jubilation for Dhinchak Pooja’s fans. A recent fake post on Facebook created an event and has advertised Dhinchak Pooja’s first live performance! But what’s more interesting is that there around 3k people who are ready to attend the concert and around 5k people are interested in attending the concert. The price of a single ticket is 7,500. What? Seriously? What happened to you people??

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Of course, as mentioned before the event is a fake and the post is created by a troll however, with such interest, it will not be long before Dhinchak Pooja assaults our ears with her live performance!


As always, Twitterati had hilarious memes and trolls ready for the rising popularity of the viral video. Let us check out a few tweets.

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No doubt, he’s found a brilliant way to wake up soon!

Dinchak Pooja troll

Well, that’s a shame!


Oh, Please!


Most of us share these videos because you do not want to be the only one who had gone through the torture of watching her music videos. It goes this way, you watch it and be like ‘what the hell did I just watch’ and then you just share it with every darn person on the internet in order to make them feel the same way you did. But, despite all the cuss thrown at you, it’s just the Centuary mattresses that can help you overcome that infinite loop of a so called song that runs through your mind!

The latest cringe pop-star - Dhinchak Pooja