Korean Dramas You Must Watch


Korean Dramas have become really popular throughout the world. It is because of their intriguing plotline and short number of episodes that they have become very enjoyable.

If you have never watched a Korean Drama but love to watch TV series in general then you must try watching these. Korean dramas have around roughly 20 episodes per drama and each episode is of 45 minutes only!

Here is a list of Korean drama you should start watching!


It’s okay, It’s love

its okay thats love

This Korean drama is so beautifully acted. It centers around a popular author who had written a book and is invited with a psychologist on a TV show to analyze the book. The psychologist soon finds herself hating the author and how he manipulates everything though the author gets attracted to her! The story draws light on domestic abuse and mental sicknesses. It is definitely a much watch and my most favorite drama. There were scenes that really shocked me. But all in all it was a happy ending.


The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts

This drama shows the differences between north and South Korea, set in the modern times, South Korea is under monarchy. The king and queen have died making their elder son the king. The younger son is sent to military to serve his one-year. There he works with his team, some of them being from North Korea, to test of Korea as a whole country could participate in international games.

He falls in love with his teammate, a really strong woman from North Korea and soon marries her, showing the newly found unity between the two countries.

What is unexpected is the death of his older brother and the younger brother being announced as King. Overnight his life changes as he, his wife and the rest of the royal family work hard to find the murderer who would do anything to prevent North and South Korea to reunite.


Oh my Venus

Oh My Venus

This drama took me by great surprise. In this a girl dedicates her life to being a lawyer as her family is poor. She achieved success but at the cost of her health. She turns from the hottest in school to an unhealthy and slightly obese person working in an office. When she faces a lot of shame from her ex boyfriend, she decides to work on her health. A world famous trainer who can change anyone’s life helps her become fit and makes her realize that the weight on the scale isn’t important at all. What is important is being fit to have a better lifestyle. Eventually they do fall in love!

Masters Sun

Masters sun

This Korean drama was kind of creepy but I loved it so much. This drama is comedy, romance as well as thriller! A woman who has had a near death experience can see ghosts around her. But it all goes away only who she touches one person. This person is actually the owner of a big popular mall and a big business man. The woman is tired of seeing ghosts because she cannot sleep so she gets an idea to stay close to the man by accepting a job of a sweeper at the said mall!

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

This plotline holds so many twist and turns. Looking from far, you might think it’s a rich boy poor girl Korean drama. But as you go nearer, you realize that it’s much more. Because the thing is, whenever it rains, the CEO of a big corporate company finds himself in the body of a stunt girl. Apart from the main plot, the stories of the supporting characters are also so beautifully developed.

There is a lot of suspense in the last few episodes where you will find the connection between the CEO and the stunt girl.


Healer k drama

This k-drama was more like the Legend of Zorro. A simple nerd in the day actually saves lives at night. A new journalist keeps putting herself in great danger only to be saved by none other than the healer. Healer, with his IT partner, solves a lot of crimes and exposes many people. This drama was rather captivating because of the healer’s diverse roles.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill me Heal me

This Korean drama revolves around a person suffering from DID. Dissociative identity disorder means when a single person has split personalities but doesn’t remember having them. The main lead in kill me heal me doesn’t have just two split personalities but has seven! The show is so hilarious to keep up with but also the twist at the end is so mind blowing and shocking at the same time. This Korean drama was really different from all the others and yet really fun to watch.


There are many websites you can watch Korean drama like myasiantv, dramacool, viki, YouTube etc.
Just search the name of the show with the website name on Google.
For example: Oh My Venus myasiantv

These shows will have English subtitles so that everyone can understand them!
I hope you enjoy watching Korean drama!