Know about Christmas cakes in different Countries


The name ‘Christmas’  derived from the Mass of Christ or simply called as  Jesus. A Mass service is that most Christians remember that Jesus gave up his life for people and then came back to life. The celebration of Christmas starts only after sunset or before sunrise on the next day, So people celebrate this festival at midnight. In actual, the name was “Christ-mass” which was shortened to Christmas.

This festival is celebrated irrespective of religions around the world. Not just Christians, other religious people are also accepting this festival due to its importance. This spring’s a good time to gather with family and friends to celebrate this festival. It is better to get a Christmas cake to buy online due to the availability of various designs, flavors, and shapes.

A Christmas cake should be light, crumbly-moist to sticky-wet. The texture many very spongy to heavy, Various shapes are round, square or oblong similar to whole cakes.  When a simple  Christmas cake is covered in icing, it is decorated various designs such as models of houses, Santa Claus dolls which may vary in the array of decorations.


The most popular cake is traditional Scottish Christmas cake also called as  Whisky Dundee. As per the name the cake was first made in Dundee which is specially made with Scotch whiskey.  This is a light colored cake and the texture is crumbly. This is delicious to taste and can get this Christmas cake to buy online.

The forms of cakes are different in different countries, while in the United states people exchange fruit cakes during Christmas. The situation totally varies in India while Christmas cakes are made traditionally with fruits in various styles. The well known among the native people is Allahabadi cake rich in taste and texture. Get this online with a Christmas cake Delivery which serves your need in minutes.

Japan is well known for the festival Christmas and cakes are traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. This simple sponge cake is frosted with whipped cream and decorated with fruits like strawberries, oranges and also topped with chocolates or other seasonal fruits. This style of cakes was started by Fujiya and gained huge popularity in the region of Tokyo.

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This was during the time period when Japan was going through massive changes due to  Westernization. Members of the upper class had a strong liking towards the  Western culture and enjoyed this of a style of celebration.

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Christmas in this country developed as a commercial management event and the competition among confectionery stores got extremely intense. Various shapes and styles of Christmas cakes are released in the confectionery stores across the country. The cake’s design was rapidly evolved and the cakes no longer appear in the traditional form of round white cakes with strawberries topped upon and Santa Claus on top. You can get these cakes with Christmas cake Delivery as per your taste.

While In Philippines, Christmas cakes are rich yellow in color and the pound cakes with macerated nuts or fruitcakes of the British fashion. They are soaked in enormous amounts of brandy or rum mixed with a syrup of palm, sugar, and water.

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