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Job interview tips: 6 Things to do on your D-day


Job interviews can be very tedious and frustrating. Especially, if you are a fresher just out of college and you have any doubts about what to do and what not to do. There is a higher chance of you to get away with having a typo in your CV or cover letter, than you getting your dream job if you flunk the in the personal interview. Here are some of the things to do as a job interview tips.

Be prepared

Research on the company you are applying for. Experts say that it is wise to be prepared to explain how your qualifications and skills will fulfil the job requirement. Know yourself, know the employer, and know the job description. It will help you to set the interview on the right track. Andrew Girard, the training manager at Rhodes Technology said that “Researching the company well shows that you made an effort. Practice- the more interviews you go on, the better you’ll be able to articulate your talking points.”

Ask questions

Asking questions might seem bad. however, experts believe that it helps you get a better understanding of the position and the working environment. This helps you to answer better. You can ask questions about the office culture, how your performance will be evaluated, or about any particular clauses that are present in the job description. Experts believe that the interviewer takes this as your interest in the job. You should be asking questions in relation to your work life and how will you rise in different positions and it should not be about the company’s future plans within the next 10 years.

Make a strong impression

A strong first impression never fails. Make sure you smile and shake the HR manager’s hand with confidence. Also, maintain eye contact throughout the interview. You can offer an energetic greeting like ‘Glad to meet you.’ Introduce yourself with full name. Don’t lack confidence. Also, while leaving thank the hiring manager for inviting you.

Dress the part

This is one of the most underrated and yet an important part. For many decades, the stereotypical interview scenes portray candidates wearing formals. However, this is not so every time. What you wear to an interview depends upon your position and field of work. Many companies prefer casual clothes these days. So suit yourself as well as the company.

Build the CV right:

You should start your CV with your name and designation as the title. You can mention a quote or statement that describes you as a person both professionally as well as personally. List down your skills, educations and other details in write order and highlight the important points. Also, use a decent font. It should be very stylish. Stick to the formal ones. Do not use bright colours on your CV unless your job demands so like it is for Graphic Designers or artists.

Peer Pressure

You can stride in the waiting area with confidence. However, looking at others and trying to judge their worth will make matters difficult. Stay calm. There are some people who tend to instil fear in other for their benefit. You need to be impervious to such advances. Keep your cool at all costs. Do not fret and compare your outfit with others as long as you have maintained the dress code.

So these are some job interview tips to win that dream job.



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