Plead of a father to get his daughters back, Jaggi Vasudev’s scandal exposed


A new controversial spark has triggered in the spiritual world,  when we were  still unable to forget the scars left by Asaram Bapu, Nityananda, and many more spiritual leaders. Recently, An  allegation has been filed against “Yoga guru JAGGI VASUDEV, Founder of Isha Foundation.

Kamaraj, a retired professor, filed a petition to the collector that his two daughters have been held captives by Coimbatore-based Isha Yoga center. His daughters who are M Tech and B Tech degree holders and are holding good posts, They had gone to the Isha Yoga center to learn yoga had not returned home long back. He claims that they were “brainwashed” and forced to become Sannyasins.

He pleads the collector to set them free as they were not allowed to meet outsiders and has been held as prisoners. The Isha Yoga centers head had allegedly made the two  women to tonsure their heads and wear saffron clothes. He feels that their daughters  should not be allowed to become Sannyasins.

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The shocking allegation is presently an enormous jolt to Yoga guru JAGGI VASUDEV and has not responded till now.